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2 0 1 6 M A Y P R I N T W E A R || 23 the print. Stencil thickness was at 20 on the white printer and 15 percent emulsion over mesh (EOM). This would provide us ideal ink deposit for opacity, yet keep the print soft. The off-contact was the minimal 80/1,000ths of an inch we use on detail printing for Ts, and the press was in plane from platen to platen and head to head for the quality, consistent results we would need. Upon our first strike-off we observed some flat areas, and the space area did not work well. We needed to give the image some levels. We wanted to push some imagery like the space back and bring some forward, such as the ship. We went back to our separa- tions in Photoshop. With the white printer channel open, we se- lected the symbol, Spock's hand, and the planet, and pushed them all back 10 percent. Then we selected our space gas clusters and pushed them back about 20 percent. Once the white printer screen was replaced on press, our ship and type really popped forward. At the end of the print order, we ran two different highlight whites and opacities to help smooth the transitions in the Starship, but still get the punch in the hard opaque white areas. We only flashed once after the white printer and rolled the ink flat in the cooling station. The balance of the screens ran wet-on-wet. The image ran great from setup to setup through the 1,200-piece run. The first print looked just like the last, which is always the goal. Once the printed T-shirts were out of the way, we needed to re- work the logo for the embroidery; there was no way we were going to get this logo to sew at 2.5" tall on a hat. First, we took out much of the composition, leaving only the Starship. We needed to increase the small type to sew correctly at 3/8" tall and reset the layout to digitize for hats and garments. We used a 65/09 Sharp needle on the lettering which helped smooth out the edges and corners. All the product merchandised very well together and apparently sold great. We have a reorder scheduled for next week. Gotta love that! Your starting lineup. See the full lineup at Whether you're just getting started in apparel graphics, or you're a seasoned veteran, Roland's lineup of digital printers and cutters make it easier and more profitable than ever to produce winning results. VersaStudio™ 20" desktop printer/cutter CAMM-1™ 24" desktop cutter Texart™ 64" dye-sublimation printers C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Roland_Starting Lineup_half page_Printwear.pdf 1 4/12/16 8:12 AM

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