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2 0 1 6 M A Y P R I N T W E A R || 29 CHECK YOUR LIST Larger organizations have people, resources, and technology to help manage the produc- tion process. This often leaves the smaller companies scratching their heads when it comes to managing production. In addition to on-time delivery, there are many benefits in developing an effective produc- tion plan. It improves process flow, eliminates wasted time, and reduces labor costs. It also means that you can order only what you need for when you need it to reduce inventory costs. Plus, it optimizes equipment usage, which increases capacity. One of the easiest methods to ensure that all required steps are taken is to have a preproduc- tion checklist. This checklist will cover everything required to get the order through produc- tion. The checklist can be a form that is attached with each order, or it can be a spreadsheet. Key elements for a checklist include: Garments: Determine if the items needed are in stock, or if they need to be ordered. If they are in stock, immediately allocate them for the current order to ensure that the goods don't get used for other jobs. If garments need to be ordered, establish a deadline for receipt of the merchandise in order to meet the production deadline. It may be necessary to order goods from various sources if all of the goods are not available from a single source. When ordering from multiple sources, designate a numbered bin and place all incoming garments for that order into that bin. Utilize a system to allow a manager to know when all of the merchandise has arrived. Some companies use sheet protectors with red and green paper. When the red paper is visible, more goods still need to arrive. When the green paper is visible, all goods have Calculate how long a job should take, accounting for thread and needle changes, and then block off the schedule for that amount of time. (Images courtesy Hirsch Solutions Inc.) M-Link X is the NE T Generation of Direct-to-Garment Textile Printers M&R SALES AND SERVICE, INC. 800-736-6431 · 630-858-6101 For more information, go to MRPRINT.COM / XP Ink cost for this print: 84¢ Black shirt print time: less than 60 seconds Get a FREE custom shirt sample printed on M-Link at NBM INDY! Bring a USB flash drive with any raster-based PNG or PSD image file with transparent background to booth #1210 at NBM INDY and let us show you what the incomparable M-Link X can do. perience JOIN THE

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