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36 || P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 1 6 Sometimes a bag isn't ideal for em- broidery, but in the case of a backpack like this, a balance of critical features and decoration area can be reached even when more decoration-friendly bags don't please the customer. De- spite having a fairly small accessible area fitting only a 15cm conventional hoop, these bags are easy to decorate with the standardized design selected by the club and provide enough room for the simple single-line under-logo personalization common to many of their orders. (Photo Courtesy Celeste Schwartz) ERICH'S EMBELLISHMENTS thus more likely to commit to an order. Using existing designs wher- ever they make sense gives your company the maximum value, and previewing them helps set customer expectations about design size, placement, and the style and size of any personalized text in a way that descriptions alone can't do. MAKE ORDERING EASY It's an obvious boon to everyone concerned to make the ordering process as seamless as possible. Once you've convinced a customer of the utility of your product, smoothing the transition to purchasing and taking the pressure of organization off their shoulders is a great way to seal the deal. The easiest way to do this is by providing either on- continued on page 111 The author's software includes a matrix function that sets up logo and name combinations for emblems and multi-frame jigs. This function can also be used it to generate preview images for customer approvals. (Im- age courtesy the author) Once the bag was chosen, the hoop and hooping method was decided. In this case, a classic 15cm hoop was used. With that in mind, a logo and personalization layout that would allow most names to fit in the hoop in such a way to appear balanced on the bag was selected. Using hoop pre- viewing tools like this that show the "safe" embroidery area can help you design your personalization layout. (Image courtesy the author) Order forms, when done well, provide all of the necessary information that your customer needs to provide to their team members and sub- ordinates while providing the right structure and requesting all of the information you need to create and deliver each piece to the right people at the right time. (Photo courtesy the author) make embroidery easy. Expanding your selection is simple; it's much harder to narrow down your choices when you lay down a catalog without curating a selection. As an expert, your guidance is part of the product. Start with your best-case bags and offer to expand only when your customer can't find a product that suits them. PROPER PRESENTATION Once you've got your selection down, pre-visualization creation is a fairly simple process, especially if you've sourced your bag from larger suppliers who offer virtual sampling tools. Just how much more attractive your product seems to your customer when they can see the exact placement of their decoration is surprising. Remov- ing guesswork on their part makes them feel more confident and

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