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Silver Anniversary: Growing Every Year for 25 Years Samlex America Inc. WWW.SAMLEXSOLAR.COM BURNABY, B.C. -- Perhaps it's telling that when Samlex America Inc. reached its official 25th birthday April 1st, the head office was closed for a luncheon celebration with current employees who President Mike Hamanishi de- scribes as "essential to the growth of Samlex." "I'm really proud of the people who work here," Hamanishi says. "We have a great group of people. We really feel like family; everybody treats each other that way. The level of respect we have for one another is unlike I've seen in any other company." It's that combination of strong pride and family spirit, great products and good communication that has helped Samlex reach 25 years in business, and why even in tough times, the company has grown each of those 25 years. Hamanishi has been with Samlex for the past five years, taking over as presi- dent from company founder Earl Berg (now the CEO) last August. His history with Samlex, however, goes back to the inception of the company. He was one of Samlex's first customers and has known Berg and the company for all of its 25 years. Berg himself traces the idea behind Samlex to his own father. A lumberjack, he had a device in the back of his truck that would allow him to use battery power to run a grinder to sharpen his saws. Years later, wanting the ability to watch television from the back of his own pickup, Earl Berg started doing re- search on how to convert 12-volt DC power to AC. After building his first power inverter in his basement, Berg recognized the business possibilities such a device of- fered. He started by seeking out manu- facturers who were already building power products. Today, Samlex is still partnered with those companies, which are located in Canada, the United States, the Nether- lands, Taiwan and China. Hamanishi says it's consistent, long- term, strong relationships with all its partners that is the cornerstone of Samlex's growth. "Our R&D (research and develop- ment) department here in Canada works very closely with the R&D fa- cilities of our factory partners," he says. "We work together developing the right products. And, because we design manufacturability and cost-reduction as part of the process, we can develop not only the right product, but at the right price and with consistently high quality. "All that being said, the product de- velopment cycle starts with input from our customers," Hamanishi adds. "It's essential to keep the lines of commu- nication open." Today, the company stocks more than 200 SKUs (stock-keeping units), includ- ing inverters, converters, battery char- gers, power supplies and solar, while of- fering an additional 100 or so SKUs that may be manufactured on a special order or custom basis. "We are very proud to offer the largest selection of inverters in North America," says Hamanishi. "There is sure to be a Samlex product to fit any application." PA I D A DV E RTO R I A L

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