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While the product mix would seem to make the rec- reational vehicle market a nat- ural for Samlex, the company's early focus was on the wireless telecommunications industry, expanding to include mobile fleet, alternative energy, ma- rine, natural resources, public safety and government. In 2009, the company launched Samlex Solar as a focused division of Samlex America to provide RV owners with a total power solution. "We wanted to make sure we had a total power solution before entering the RV mar- ket," says Hamanishi. "Solar was a natural progression for Samlex and it easily completed our offerings. We're the leading power manufacturer in the North American RV aftermarket, offering all the component products that are essential to creating an off-grid power system in an RV. "People get wrapped up around solar as the one piece that everybody is try- ing to sell," he adds. "It really isn't just solar; it's the whole package in consid- eration for the lifestyle an RV owner would like to achieve while on the road. If you take a systems approach, this all makes sense. Our biggest challenge is to help people understand that it doesn't have to be difficult." It's that philosophy that led the com- pany to create its Samlex Dealer Suc- cess Program. Every dealership that's selling Samlex products receives one of the binders, and it's full of everything needed to sit down next to an RV buyer and get them interested in solar. Getting into the RV market was a good move for Samlex. Although com- munication remains the largest slice of the market pie for the company, "The RV market has grown substantially for us over the last couple years and we're starting to see it command a good chunk of our business," Hamanishi says. The company's OEM sales are han- dled through its distributors. These distributors also sell to the RV dealers. Samlex works within that sales model to educate dealers so they can, in turn, educate their own customers through items such as the dealer success pro- gram. "We think an informed consumer will make the right choice and, of course, we would hope they select Samlex prod- ucts," Hamanishi says. "Whether it's our product or a competitor's, we want to make sure the customer is making an informed choice." And, once a customer has purchased a Samlex product, the company wants to make sure it works as advertised. Whether for product selec- tion, installation guidance or operational support, Samlex makes technical support avail- able to anyone who calls in. The company takes particular pride in picking up the phone and having real conversations with its customers. "Our mantra is: 'Best custom- er service in the industry,' and we strive to achieve that ev- ery day," Hamanishi says. "And, when we say customer, that isn't just our distributors and dealers. We make ourselves available to our end-users and we do that through multiple communication methods." Looking ahead, Hamanishi says, "Twenty-five years from now, we want to be a recognized household name. And, with our distribution partners, we want to embrace dealers and together continue growing as part of the Samlex Solar team." Contact: Samlex America Inc., 103-4268 Lozells Ave., Burnaby, B.C. V5A 0C6, CANA- DA; 800-561-5885, 604-525-3836; sam- lex@samlexamerica.com, PA I D A DV E RTO R I A L WWW.SAMLEXSOLAR.COM

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