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48 • RV PRO • MAY 2016 rv-pro.com events. Three of these important events are my birthdays. Yes, I have three; however, that is another story. Each year my friend forgets to wish me a Happy Birthday on each of my birth- days. It isn't that she doesn't care because she does and is mortified when she forgets. Her problem is that she doesn't look at her time management tool every day. I have shared this personal anecdote with you because it supports my point that you are the active ingredient in your time management routine. The time manage- ment tool(s) you choose to use are relatively static until you interact with the tool(s). The time management tool(s) you choose can be analog, digital, or both. I use Outlook Calendar for my primary time management tool. This is a digital device. I use it because has features such as repeti- tive events, reminders of a due event, and customized color-coding of event types that aid me in managing my time. However, there are times when I don't have access to my laptop, so I rely on an analog device, which is a spiral bound 3- by 5-inch notepad to record items that require action. When I do have access to my computer, I transfer these notes to my Outlook Calendar. My advice to you if you decide to imple- ment a time management tool is that you first commit to using that tool (or tools) each day, every day. If you are unwilling to make this commitment, save yourself some time and stop reading my column. However, if you have committed to actively using your time management tool(s), you will need to decide what hap- pens when in your schedule. This is the second letter of my TIME mnemonic … Importance The placement of many items in your time management tool(s) will be deter- mined by the specific date and time when they will or must occur. For instance, you may have scheduled a parts department staff meeting to start and end at specific times on a certain date. However, you realize that it will be necessary to develop an agenda for that meeting so that you can distribute the agenda prior to the meeting. The date and time for developing that agenda are not specific as long as they precede the meeting by at least one day. Therefore, you have some flexibility as to when you schedule that agenda preparation event. As mentioned previously, one of the Outlook Calendar features that I use is the customized event-type color-coding option. A different color is assigned to phone calls, emails, personal, and other event types in my personalized calendar. One of these color-coded event-types is important which has a rose-fill assigned. An event that has this color-code assigned may not have to occur at a specific time during a day, yet it must be handled at some time during that specific day. Another of my color-coded event-types is needs preparation. Creating this column is an event that would be assigned the tan-fill that represents this event-type. The actual deadline of March 18 th would be assigned a light-orange fill, which represents email because I email my columns to Brad at RV PRO as Word-file attachments. Figure 1 (see top of page) contains a portion of one of my days that has been posted to my Outlook Calendar file. Some of these events, such as placing the recycle container out for pickup, are recurring on specific days and Outlook Calendar has a function for designating this recurrence. An application for this in your parts operation could be scheduled stock order processing with a specific supplier. Your parts manager knows that each Tuesday no later than 14:30, she must transmit a stock replenishment order with a specific supplier so she could use the recurring event feature to log this in her Outlook Calendar. And, she " There are many options available for scheduling your time and these vary in cost. However, cost is not the important factor in selecting the time management tool(s) you will use. Most importantly is that you must decide to regularly use the tool(s) you have selected to assist in managing your time. " Thursday, March 24 3:30 am 4:00 am Daylight Savings started the 13th 4:00 am 4:30 am Place RECYCLE CONTAINER out for pickup — BLUE TOP 5:00 am 5:30 am Send JOIN ME invites for next week 5:30 am 6:00 am For IYT CALLS — during review of ACTION ITEMS — call up my CALENDAR — suggest that clients post each ACTION ITEM in their Calendar as soon as they receive the Follow Up email 6:00 am 7:00 am SSC call 8:00 am 9:30 am ADVHD call Figure 1

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