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rv-pro.com MAY 2016 • RV PRO • 49 could use the reminder function to provide an audible and visual reminder perhaps 30 minutes prior to the transmission deadline. Another of these events shown in my Cal- endar insert – 06:00 a.m. to 07:00 a.m. SSC call – might have to be changed due to my client's schedule. This would be an example of the "M" in my TIME mnemonic, which is … Modify Occasionally events must be re-sched- uled due to other events that impact the date and time of the original event. Some- times the original event will need to be can- celed because of extraneous circumstances. In the example of my audio-video con- ference call with my client, it may have to be canceled because my client contact is out of the dealership for a period of time and our call cannot be re-scheduled for another date and time in the current month. An analogous situation in your RV deal- ership or service facility could be a cus- tomer's appointment for maintenance on their RV. This could be a customer who had planned to travel through your area and had scheduled the maintenance for a day when she would be in your town. Unfortunately, she experienced a change to her itinerary and had to cancel her appointment. In this instance, your ser- vice manager would modify his route sheet, which tracks the availability of technicians' time. This modification would indicate that a block of time has become available for sale to another customer. This aspect of your time management routines relates to that other aspect rep- resented by the final letter – "E" – of my TIME mnemonic, which is … Evaluate Each day, prior to the end of your shift, it is important to review that day's list of events to determine if any were not accom- plished and if any additional actions might be required as a result of this incomplete status. Among my personalized color-coded event-types is one termed completed, which is represented by a light-blue fill color. I have designated this event-type so that I can quickly determine if any events have not been accomplished each day and to decide what actions must be taken. These actions could be re-schedules, cancels, or designation as a different event-type. These actions would be covered by the previous time management function – Modify. An example of an incomplete event in your RV business could be related to the pre-check of a unit scheduled for delivery later in the week. During the pre-check, your sales agent determines that an acces- sory that had been ordered for the unit has not arrived. In this instance, your sales agent could make entries in her time man- agement tool to: • Communicate with the parts man- ager to determine when the acces- sory will arrive • Contact the customers to advise them of the situation and to deter- mine if a future date and time could be scheduled for the installation of the accessory • Coordinate with the parts manager and the service manager for installa- tion of that accessory at a date and time convenient to the customers • Remind her to check with the parts department to determine if the accessory has arrived by the new promise date • Contact the customers to confirm their appointment for installation of the accessory Yes, I know what you are possibly thinking: Selway is getting into the details again! It is my experiences as a parts manager and as a trainer/consultant that if I manage the details as efficiently and as effectively as possible, then my business flows more smoothly and my customers enjoy doing business with me. As I tell my customers, you don't have to apply any of the suggestions that I make; however, I also tell them that I would not recommend anything that I wouldn't do if I were employed as a manager in their business. So, after reading my column, I leave you to answer this question: Is it time you took time to efficiently manage your time? 800-232-2079 (715) 255-9332 Fax CanvasReplacements.com POPUP CANVAS & PARTS! POPUP CANVAS & PARTS! Replacement Canvas Hard to Find Parts Vintage Camper Parts New Old Stock Parts The Largest Popup Parts Inventory in North America! 2490 SW Ferry St Albany, OR 97322 (888) 741-0259 www.simply-smarter.com SilverLeaf Electronics Great Aftermarket Products for Diesel Pushers Glass Dash A great aftermarket update to almost any diesel pusher. We have custom panels for many popular coaches so you can offer a factory-quality installation. Aladdin™ Replacement Orphaned by Monaco? No problem - we have the replace- ment. Installation is straightforward and covered by most extended warranties. Video Switching Our VMS350 can handle up to 7 cameras and 5 monitors and is fully programma- ble. It even doubles as an engine reader.

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