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rv-pro.com MAY 2016 • RV PRO • 55 they can use to spray some of their sidewalls to check colors and designs, and with full-size graphics created on a pen plotter. "With a 45-foot unit, we need to make sure the sizing is proper, and we can consider things like wheel wells and windows," Daly says. "There really are a lot of areas you have to consider when you're doing a mask. And, that way we can make changes if they have questions or concerns." She adds, "As far as taking a whole design and scrapping it or another one, that hardly ever happens, but we do make tweaks for the manufacturers." And, while it takes a lot of work to get a graphics package to where it will be used for a year or two – until the next model comes out – they do live on in the files of these companies because they continue to provide the graphics whenever an RV is dam- aged and a part of the graphics package needs to be replaced as part of the repairs. "Typically, the unit goes back to the dealer for repair," says Poling. "The dealer will reorder the parts from the OE's service center, and the OE service center will order parts from us as needed." In many cases, the manufacturers stock graphics just for that purpose, although Vitali says her company has an archive of files dating back at least 16 years. "The only problem might be an issue with color," she says. "If they're real old, the colors won't match perfectly, or we might not carry that color anymore. We do run into those types of things occasionally." As for what's hot right now, Vitali says gray, black and white are always popular, and this year some new blues are in the mix. Not everything is shiny, either, as matte finishes are showing some presence. Also coming on strong is printed effects. However, one type of printed effect that's still in the early stages of RV graphics is full- or partial-body wraps. "We don't see too much of it," Vitali says. "It's somewhat lim- ited because of the cost, not only for the vinyl, but you also have to have applicators who know how to install it." Still BGS's Poling notes that wraps are coming on strong in related markets, such as automotive and marine, where it's easier to change the color of a high-end car or expensive boat by wrap- ping it, rather than buying new. "Typically, the RV graphics follow the automotive and related markets, such as marine," he says. "I think the RV is going to follow suit there. They're also going to be looking at different types of badging and dimensional products that are currently popular in those two markets." Learn more today at KINGCONNECT.COM Wherever your RV owners choose to roam, KING is the clear choice for a great TV experience. For over two decades, we've led the way in technology and innovation, pioneering satellite and over-the-air antenna systems. We have a long list of "firsts" that have continually enhanced the entertainment options for RVers. And, with a complete range of products, there's a KING for every budget. So give your customers the power to rule the airwaves.

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