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powered by ® 3 year warranty IC SERIES TM INVERTER CHARGER REMOTE The IC Series Inverter Charger Remote conveniently monitors and controls your unit with an easy-to-read digital display panel and a simple menu that allows you to change set- tings and modes of operation. The Intuitive LCD Display retains its memory even when the power is disconnected and provides de- tailed information on: The inverter is 90% efficient in con- verting 12 volt DC battery power to 120 volt AC, drawing less from the battery bank to create AC power. With an efficiency rating of 97%, the smart battery charger provides up to 100 amps of battery charge per hour with less than 15 amps of AC power from a generator or shore service. What's more, the Go Power! high efficiency char- ger is compatible with all types of batteries - AGM, gel, flooded/wet cell - and uses four-stage battery charging to ensure batteries are charged to 100% capacity. (Many factory installed RV chargers are only capable of charging to 85% capacity.) The battery temperature sensor automatically adjusts voltage to maintain proper charging at differ- ent temperature ranges to extend the life of your batteries. OFF-GRID POWER SHARING The power sharing feature allows RVers to use two sources of AC power (e.g., small generator + IC 2000) to run loads that would oth- erwise be too large for any one of these power sources on their own. The full 2000 watts of inverter pow- er delivered by the IC 2000 means you can carry smaller generators to meet your energy needs, which in turn saves storage space, burns less fuel, and reduces noise lev- els. The Go Power! IC 2000 offers many innovative and convenient features, but even more impres- sive is that it all comes at a lower purchase price and significant- ly reduced installation times that both RVers and technicians will love. WHY CHOOSE GO POWER! Our innovative products provide RVers with affordable options for upgrading factory components to meet future advances in technology and changes in lifestyle. Go Power! components seamlessly integrate into an RV's complete system and are covered by the industry's best warranty and product support. Download the full spec sheet at: gpelectric.com/IC1 • Real-time voltage/amps in invert and battery charge modes; • Number of amps being consumed while running appliances/electronics; and • Setting the shore power pass through. IC 2000 Main Panel All outlets in RV powered off-grid 50 amp Service 50 AMP SERVICE WITH A GO POWER! INVERTER CHARGER Limited number of outlets in RV powered off-grid 50 amp Service Subpanel OTHER INVERTER CHARGERS 50 amp Service Main Panel 50 AMP SERVICE WITH A STANDARD INVERTER CHARGER

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