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76 • RV PRO • MAY 2016 rv-pro.com Products that (Almost) Sell Themselves Regardless of their various products or applications, each article source urged RV dealers looking to get into the tuner and programmer business to spend a little time to educate themselves, and then their cus- tomers, about the right applications for the right purposes. "When talking with your customer, find out the expectations that they have about what they want out of the aftermarket product," says Espino. "By doing this, you can better prescribe the right product for them or at least steer them into the right direction. With this information on- hand, the dealers are able to talk facts, not opinions, and help the customer make the choice that is right for them. Also, being able to talk intelligently to the customer helps inspire confidence and trust in the purchasing process." Espino notes that a customer hauling heavy loads and towing has different needs than a customer who does light driving to nearby mountains and merely wants high horsepower. "In the programmer and tuner realm, selling the wrong application for the wrong use could cause some serious damage," he warns. "At Banks, our products are tested and our tunes are engineered specifically for the application and use. By doing that we know that what we're selling to the cus- tomer is what's right for them for the long- haul, giving them many miles of worry-free use and enjoyment." Diablosport's Litsch adds that manu- facturer websites can be a wealth of infor- mation for dealers looking to give unbi- ased comparative information to their customers. "Knowing the specific features of the different products available will help in assisting those customers who are trying to decide between a few different brands or models for their application," he says, noting that on manufacturers' websites users can find application charts, specific tune lists by vehicle, which parameters are available for each vehicle, and expected HP gains, among other key information. All sources interviewed for this article made a point of suggesting that dealers check with manufacturers for available tech support as well as marketing collat- eral and support pieces that help in the education of consumers in the tuner and programmer business. Boyd notes that Bully Dog has a staff of 20 tech support specialists willing to work with dealers who have questions, a training program for new dealers, and offers a suite of support collateral including point-of- purchase displays, counter mats, brochures and literature, and even a dealer locator on their website. "We have a lot of pride in our dealer support," he says, noting that the extra sup- port allows dealers to establish themselves as trusted sources of information for their customers. "A lot of consumers are scared of tuners and programmers, so they're going to look to dealer for reliable information. That's a great opportunity to build a rela- tionship. I was a dealer for years, and these products are great opportunity to become a trusted source of information." Superchips' Barker agrees. "We provide our dealers with sample products and point-of-sale displays as well as a host of support materials like ban- ners, pamphlets and guides," he notes. "We also provide trainings for our dealers to help them understand the product and its benefits as well as how to market them to potential customers." The end result of this extra effort to educate customers? Happy, regularly returning customers with high-performing RVs and towing vehicles, according to makers of towing performance products. "Building in a product that is a few hun- dred dollars can be almost unnoticed on an RV loan," Barker says. "However, the mileage, power and shifting benefits will be instantly appreciated." Beyond just improvements in horsepower and efficiency, other performance attributes – such as improved transmission shifting under heavy load scenarios – also are driving this customer and dealer demand for tuners and programmers, according to Matt Barker, category manager for Superchips.

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