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90 • RV PRO • MAY 2016 rv-pro.com Mobile RV Power Washer Bitimec, Greenwich, Conn., presents its Wash-Bots line of mobile power washers, which are designed to wash even the largest RVs in eight minutes. The machines are self-contained exterior RV wash systems with a footprint of only 15 square feet. A single operator walks the self-powered machine around the vehicle while it applies soap, power-brush-washes, and rinses, using minimal water and detergent. The machine works in two direc- tions for maximum productivity. It is available in electric, diesel, battery and hybrid-power models. One single operator replaces a wash crew for faster prep and service customer washing. www.wash-bots.com One-Person Slide-Out Remover RVincidents, Nixa, Mo., presents its solution to remove and reinstall slide-out rooms, the SlideOutLift. The length, width, and height are adjustable. The jacks adjust up and down inde- pendently, which allow for improved gap and wall panel a l i g n m e n t . T h e S l i d e O u t L i f t i s designed to elimi- nate the need for a forklift, which can inflict damage to slide-out rooms or the wall opening w h e n b e i n g removed or placed. With SlideOutLift, one man using the device can now remove most-slide out rooms, safer and faster than four or five men and a forklift. www.slideoutlift.com Device for Moving Fifth Wheels Steve's Hitch, Belle Plaine, Minn., presents its Steve's Hitch product, a hydraulic hitch attachment for a skidsteer. With the product, the operator has superior visibility while hooking up to trailers, as well as precise placement of the trailer, according to the company. Additionally, the product allows users to avoid OSHA issues if they are currently moving their trailers around the place of business using a forklift with holes drilled into the tines, a direct violation of OSHA. Steve's Hitch is made in the U.S.A. www.steveshitch.com Service Tool for Cummins Engines C u m m i n s I n c . , C o l u m b u s , Ind., introduces the Inline 7, a wired (via USB) and wire- less (via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) datalink adapter. Inline 7 has been designed to offer a faster processor, more robust algo- rithms, larger memory buffers and more sophisticated fil- tering than previous models, while simultaneously accessing multiple vehicle data chan- nels. The Inline 7 is designed to work with a wide array of Cummins, OEM and third-party service and information tools, including Insite, InPower and PowerSpec, and is designed for compatibility with current and future mobile and PC applica- tions. Inline 7 supports three simultaneous CAN connections and 250K, 500K and 1M baud rates. www.cumminsengines.com Tools of the Trade

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