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6695 Business Parkway Elkridge, MD 21075 USA 1.410.796.6400 tel 1.800.645.0854 tel 1.410.796.0589 fax 1.800.348.2426 fax C10.5 © Copyright 1998-2019 Agam Group, Ltd. All Rights Reserved, ATC-V09-C10-ENG (2019.01) FH Components // FH7690 End Plate Reference: 370 7690 LEFT / 370 7690 RIGHT For Use With: FH7690 Includes: 1 DIN7991 M4 x 14 screw Finish: Standard Silver powder coat paint Hex Key: 2.5 mm Weight: 0.39 lbs 27.4 mm (1¹⁄₁₆") 85.4 mm (3³⁄₈") [a] 7.2 mm (⁵⁄₁₆") [a] 45 mm (1³⁄₄") 25 mm (1") 3mm (¹⁄₈") 14.9 mm (⁹⁄₁₆") 82 mm (3³⁄₁₆") 82 mm (3³⁄₁₆") End Plate shown with FH7690 "Left" Orientation "Right" Orientation A C C B Wrap Fabric On Both The Outside And Inside Seamless fabric corners can be achieved with both the outside and inside frames. FH7690 End Plate (Page C10.5) C A FH7690 (Page A6.4) B FH761 (Page A6.2) Create Stunning Seamless Open Cubes Combining the FH7690 Extrusion, FH7690 End Plate and the FH761 Extrusion, create perfectly seamless fabric corners. Cube Inside Seamless Corner Inside Seamless Corner Outside FH7690 End Plate Assembly Overview Cube Outside View Assembly Video View Component Flyer View Component Microsite View Blog Entry Additional Media: View 3D Model

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