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Waterjet Machining Center Waterjet Overview Waterjet // 6695 Business Parkway Elkridge, MD 21075 USA 1.410.796.6400 tel 1.800.645.0854 tel 1.410.796.0589 fax 1.800.348.2426 fax E11 © Copyright 1998-2019 Agam Group, Ltd. All Rights Reserved, ATC-V09-E1-ENG (2019.01) Overview AGAM's waterjet machining center fabricates unique parts and pieces to exact designer specifications, without the lengthy setup time and costly tool and die fabrication. AGAM's waterjet machine turns design concepts into workable parts within days, whether the material is ¾" steel, aluminum, or plywood. These parts can carry your design signature through the addition of a logo or shape unique to your project. Combined with our other in-house production services such as welding, powder coating, and roller bending, our waterjet cutter allows for more variety and creativity than ever in your designs. View Machine Video View Capability Flyer Additional Media: View Website Page

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