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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED OLUME 26, ISSUE 5 35 "The way he treats people is just awesome." — David Blough "(In New Orleans), he had a great influence on a lot of people." — Drew Brees "There's no phoniness about him. What you see is what you get." — Pete Carmichael "He wants people to feel good about themselves, whether it's staff, whether it's the (players on) offense. That's genuine. And he goes about it that way, tries to be very inclusive with people." — Darrell Hazell "He's really quite an extraordinary individual. He sees there are more than Xs and Os. One of the great qualities that Terry brings is an overriding sense of purpose." — Dan Malone eled by father Paul, old-school tough but with a heart of gold, and mother Miriam, the ultimate encourager. Maybe all the kids "wants" weren't met growing up, but all the needs were. It was a stable, nurturing environment. It was an atmosphere that shared blessings and joy with family and friends, that taught the importance of earning respect and giving it, that stressed loving in deed not just in words, that shaped a desire for truth, that put weight on not just working but working well and to a certain standard, that promoted humility and selflessness. It was a culture that ultimately produced six college graduates — three from Marquette, two from Cornell and Terry from Holy Cross. It was an upbringing that molded the kind of hus- band he's become — he and Ann have been married 26 years and he says he's prouder of that relationship than anything else in his life. And molded the father he's become — a nurturer to four now-grown chil- dren who haven't been intimidated to branch out, who seize new experiences and who cherish life as they make their own journeys. It was the reason Malone has his priorities so firmly set. And football is not at the top. It's family and faith. Maybe football comes in at No. 3. It makes him no less of a coach to admit such things — it just may add to Malone's appeal. He's absolutely a man who's willing to work, ex- pending the double-digit-hour days necessary in the office to watch film, lead and attend meetings, teach techniques, share information and devise schemes to flummox defenses. But he's always been just as likely to use that time to inquire about a player's family, en- courage one to pursue higher standards and do every- thing in his power to facilitate those pursuits. In nearly every measure, Malone seems to line up with one of his favorite coaches. A basketball junkie growing up, Malone gravitated toward John Wooden's teaching philosophy and approach. Wooden's sentiment

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