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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED OLUME 26, ISSUE 5 79 Tompkins believes having the "dream team" of Brouse, golf su- perintendent Jim Scott and con- tractor Chris Lutzke is a perfect combination to move the project forward. And that's even before mentioning the Michael Jordan of the group, Dye, who left an indel- ible mark on the Kampen Course. That was completed in 1997 and its layout is so well thought of it has played host to the men's and wom- en's NCAA championships. Now at 90, Dye is about to do it again. "When you work with Pete, you don't get a real design, you get a sketch," Tompkins said. "It is bril- liant, but it can be ever-changing and that is why it is extra useful to have a contractor like Albanese & Lutzke to help pull it all together." Lutzke, a partner in one of the premier golf course construction management design firms in the world, was on the Ackerman-Allen site for an extended period, putting the time in to get things moving forward. Having Lutzke at Scott's disposal was the fundamental difference when comparing the Ackerman-Allen and Kampen Course projects. "Back in '97, we used students as our labor for much of the project," Scott said. "That was totally different this time. Chris worked with us sun up to sun down to make this happen, and Pete has a high comfort lev- el working with Chris. So that really helped this go smoothly." Smooth yes, but changes still occurred. There was some negativity when the public saw the num- ber of trees being removed in the early days of the project that began in 2014. Once it became clear the land would have double the trees on it by the time it is all said and done, things calmed down. Also, the fact that the Ackerman-Allen footprint is to play a major role in the campus' long-term drainage and water flow plan made the project im- portant to the University's master facilities plan. With respect to the formation of the new holes, at first the plan was not to move as much earth. But things changed. "We ended up moving dirt on every hole, which was different than our original thought," said Scott, who has been a fixture at the golf complex for the past 21 years. "Once we started, things progressed into (thinking) wait a minute this could change into some- thing dynamic. So we ended up moving a lot more dirt than anticipated." It has been a challenge to keep it under budget, but that is something Tompkins is used to. He spent a ca- reer keeping athletic directors George King and Mor- gan Burke in the black, earning a reputation of being fiscally responsible. He simply would have it no other way. The project is at its $7.5-million budget, with $2.1 funded by gifts-in-kind (including the value of Pete Dye's donated design services) with cash expendi- tures of $5.4 million. A significant leadership gift was given by Sam Allen, a Boilermaker golfer from the 1970s who is also an executive with John Deere. And Tom Campbell Birck-Boilermaker superintendent Jim Scott has been integral in both the Kampen and Ackerman-Allen golf projects during his 21 years at Purdue.

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