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S ITE Canada Newsletter Issue 2 SITE lines Personal Connections on a Global Scale SITE lines is published five times a year to keep you informed of what's happening in Canada and around the world, what's new, upcoming events and linkages to members and other SITE Global Chapter s. Please contact Sandra Eagle, Director of Communications with feedback, suggestions or comments. In this issue: P a g e 2 Industry Calendar P a g e 3 Jazz into Spring P a g e 5 GainInSITE P a g e 6 North X Northeast Connection P a g e 7 Global View P a g e 8 SITE Scholarships P a g e 9 Membership Insight P a g e 1 0 Education Day P a g e 1 1 SITE Golf Tournament News President's Message by John Crowe CHANGES C h a n g e i s t h e l a w o f l i f e . A n d t h o s e w h o l o o k o n l y t o t h e p a s t o r p r e s e n t a r e c e r t a i n t o m i s s t h e f u t u r e . — J o h n F . K e n n e d y SITE Canada has planned several changes to our programs this year and we hope you support our new direction. We kicked it off changing up our ven ue for the SITE Social that took place at Jazz Bistro on April 13. Traditionally this event is held in a larger space but with the venue change this year, we created a more intimate setting for our members and guests. We also introduced an electronic plat form for our silent auction allowing SITE members to review and bid on items prior to the event. The bidding wars started early and I'm happy to report that the silent auction component raised the most money to date. This will be our first year hosting a m ajor event with a sibling chapter. On June 2 we will be co - SITE Canada office: 6700 Century Ave, Ste. 100 Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4 T: 905.812.7483 F: 905.567.7191 S ITE lines ' flip book is fueled by May 9, 2016 Jazz into Spring Social — A Swinging Success

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