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IMPACT GOLD COMPETITION Win the award-winning* linemarking system for your Club... ...and an iPad2 for yourself! with a Callaway Golf Jacket for 10 runners-up V In 2011, Impact Gold line marking paint received the Queens Award for Innovation. The year before the same paint received the overall European 'EDGE' award, beating off all other entrants. What does Impact Gold offer today's professional groundsmen? Bright lines: Impact Gold contains a highly micronized formulation of titanium dioxide. As the paint dries, these countless minute particles reflect the light to provide an incredibly bright, white reflective surface. Compared to white paper that has a reflectivity measurement of 90% and fresh snow at 95%, Impact Gold measures 95-98.5%! Long-lasting: Once the paint has dried, after about 20 minutes, Impact Gold becomes extremely rainfast and will not wash out, even under heavy rainfall. Time saving: As Impact Gold is a ready to use paint, it requires no measuring out, no pouring and no mixing. All the operator has to do is unscrew the cap from the 'Paint Pouch', insert the flow probe and marking can begin. The iGo can carry three, 5 litre 'Pouches' which means that it would be possible to over-mark up to 15 pitches without having to stop to refill and go through the measuring, pouring, and mixing procedures every 2-3 pitches. Another benefit is that the operator has little or no contact with the paint. No heavy lifting of containers, no splashing, no mixing, no mess and no buckets to be rinsed out. In fact, there is no need for a water supply at all! Economy: With Impact Gold, a typical football pitch can be over-marked from just 1 litre of paint. Because so little paint is used, the cost per pitch is similar to traditional dilutable formulations. Also, there are major savings on time, water consumption and waste disposal costs. The savings on transportation costs are huge as one lorry load of 'Paint Pouches' is equivalent to 9 loads of rigid plastic containers. Environment: With hosepipe bans, drought orders and the need to conserve our precious resource, the amount of water required to be added to dilutable paints to mark out just one typical football pitch over a 35 week season is over 400 litres. Using impact Gold requires no added water. The Impact iGo is a fourth generation line- marking machine, specially developed for the application of Impact Gold. PITCHES 15 Superbly manufactured and attractive in design, the iGo has an anodised, corrosion resistant frame, pneumatic tyres, pre-drilled disc spacers for ease of changing line widths and an easily removable heavy-duty battery for off site charging. The iGo also has a removable 'Paint Pod' that provides the option, if required, to apply dilutable paints. TO ENTER THE COMPETITION log onto and answer the following question: Using Impact Gold throughout a typical football season will save how many litres of water per pitch: 300 litres 400 litres 500 litres The winner of the iGo machine plus 4 x 5 litres Impact Gold paint will be the one that is drawn first when the competition closes on 29th June 2012. Ten more entries will be drawn for the runner-up prizes. Winners will be notified by e-mail and their names published in the July issue of 'The Groundsman'. Competition only open to practising groundsmen who hold Full Individual IOG Membership. Trade and Corporate members are not eligible. Freephone 0800 424919 FREE ENTRY

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