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Coleman's F-150 is best remembered as "Roseanne" the iconic '90s truck piloted by the likes of Frank "Scoop" Vessels and Robby Gordon, making it one of the many vehicles that led the way towards the development of the modern Trophy Truck. During its racing career, Roseanne still incorporated a factory Ford frame, but the suspension, engine, and technology surrounding it would eventually transform these vehicles into a new class that would reach higher speeds and capabilities. When Coleman first found the truck, it had been owned by Jason Yeoman in Nevada. THE TRUCK USES A SET OF FUEL BEAD- LOCK WHEELS AND BFGOODRICH 37-INCH BAJA T/A KR2 TIRES. ALTHOUGH THE TRUCK WAS FIRST PAINTED BLACK, COLEMAN BROUGHT BACK THE PAINT SCHEME FROM ITS VESSELS/ GORDON DAYS. 033 SCORE JOURNAL

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