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O ne of the results of the long history of SCORE desert racing are a slew of innovative vehicles that were designed to handle competing in Baja. Early in SCORE's history, the buggy chassis had the most promise, but the introduction of production and unlimited classes brought out trucks and other odd-ball vehicles that some teams tinkered with. Vehicles ranging from James Garner's 442 Oldsmobile, to vehicles that somewhat resembled a UTV, were often built and raced in SCORE, to test out power, new suspension ideas and lightweight chassis design. While there are many vehicles that have raced in the SCORE Baja 1000 and SCORE Baja 500 over the years, we've collected some of the strangest that were in the archives of Centerline Images. STRANGE SIGHTINGS OVER THE YEARS SCORE HAS SEEN SOME STRANGE AND INGENIOUS VEHICLES COMPETE IN BAJA MICKEY THOMPSON MICKEY THOMPSON IS CONSIDERED BY MANY AS ONE OF THE INNOVATORS OF OFF-ROAD RACING. HE BUILT A VARIETY OF VEHICLES TO BAJA, INCLUDING HIS NOW FAMOUS "CHALLENGER" BUGGY THAT HAD A 700 HORSEPOWER V8 AND NEARLY DOUBLE THE WHEEL TRAVEL OF HIS COMPETITION. BY SCORE JOURNAL STAFF PHOTOS BY KRISTIAN PALLENSEN, CENTERLINE IMAGES 058 SCORE JOURNAL

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