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S TAT I O N E RY TR E N DS .COM | Tuesday, May 17, 2016 SHOW HOURS Sunday, May 15 - Tuesday, May 17 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday, May 18 10 a.m.-1 p.m. TODAY'S SEMINARS Room 1C03 New Day/Time Change Wedding Design Trends to Make the Big Day Distinctive 9-10 a.m. Visual Merchandising Trends: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary 12-1 p.m. FULL SCHEDULE ON PAGE 15 TODAY at a glance STATIONERY TODAY D A Y THE OFFICIAL NATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW ® DAILY 3 Show Specials Trendy Stationer Award Winners Exhibitor News & Highlights Color Trends Forecast INSIDE Wrapping with the Wow Factor 10:30 a.m. Fun In-Store Coloring Events 1:30 p.m. Easy to Make, Exquisite Crepe Paper Flowers 2:30 p.m. Mel's Picks of the Day 3:30 p.m. LIVE @NSS ACTIVITIES NSS Theater Programs, Rear 1100 Aisle A note from Patti Stracher on the energy at NSS A t this show, it's really fun to have different dimensions. We scheduled things so people could walk in and take a break and have an opportunity to learn at these workshops. We scheduled our seminars before show hours so people had a chance to attend. We moved the show hour to 10 a.m. last year. We wanted to allow people to have the morning to meet; to have some business or just to have a slower morning. What we ultimately wanted to see them use it for is for business development that's different than what they can do in their booth. And for us to be able to save that hour off the show floor for one of the two seminars was behind that. People are enjoying this; it's always like a big reunion. There's a lot of affection, camaraderie and joy in the context of serious business. And that's something that is palpable. The energy at this show is different, and I think it's because of the determination to keep paper relevant and to prove its endurance by pushing to line extend and to try new things, weather it's print making or letterpress or watercolor. We've got a great thing happening riding the coloring trend. People expect a national show to be leaders; to help them understand what's going to be strong and what's going to help their business. They're here for business solutions, so riding that wave and presenting it in such a powerful way – we've got some very good companies that decided to step forward and build these walls to tell the big story, and we supplemented the story with the workshops so that we could teach retailers how to generate more traffic. — Patti Stracher , vice president/show director Guests could stop by the lobby in the Crystal Palace to relax for a few minutes and breathe at one of three coloring walls throughout the show — markers in hand. The NSS hosted a cocktail crawl featuring complimentary cocktails at three stops: Avanti (Booth 2602), Allport Editions (Booth 2327) and Pickett's Press (Booth 2836). NSS hosted its signature drink in booth 1874.

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