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2 0 1 6 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 15 2.) The value your product or service provides. The best way to present product value is through the technique known as similar situations. This presents the opportunity to talk about how your product or service has performed successfully in other environments. Be aware that it's not yet time to use testimonials. Similar situations involve telling a story about other successful users, and testimonials can be used later to close the deal. 3.) The value that you (the salesperson) provide. If you under- stand that the first sale made is that of the salesperson, you understand the impact of this piece of the value proposition. If you bring no value to the table, your price will dominate the discussion and the outcome. Your value is qualities such as industry knowledge, product knowledge, customer knowl- edge, desire to serve, timeliness, and an overall understanding of how the customer can best utilize your product or service for their benefit. You have to go beyond salesperson to con- sultant, business friend, and resource. By combining those three elements, you achieve the most coveted business posi- tion possible: you become a trusted advisor. 4.) The value in a short-term incentive. Everyone wants to feel like they get a great deal when buying something. Television infomercials wrap up with some form of can't-beat incentive: "Call now, and we'll double the offer!" Short-term incentives are designed to create a greater sense of buyer urgency. In your case, the terms may be six months of free service, a starter kit of supplies, a factory rebate, or something that enhances your offer on a one-time basis to get that customer to buy now. The danger in any short-term incentive is that the customer will want this deal again. Your job as master salesperson is to make certain that you have spent enough time communicating the fact that this is a singular offer. Your starting lineup. See the full lineup at Whether you're just getting started in apparel graphics, or you're a seasoned veteran, Roland's lineup of digital printers and cutters make it easier and more profitable than ever to produce winning results. VersaStudio™ 20" desktop printer/cutter CAMM-1™ 24" desktop cutter Texart™ 64" dye-sublimation printers C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Roland_Starting Lineup_half page_Printwear.pdf 1 4/12/16 8:12 AM

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