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2 0 1 6 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 19 "Well shucks, you should come back when we're out of them. We only charge six a sleeve then." "Wow. That's a great price. When are you going to be out?" When you have the foresight to stock an adequate supply of product available in a pinch, you deserve to charge and receive a premium price since you make shopping with your company a convenience, if nothing else. THE MOST COMMON CONDITION The last condition happens to be the most frequent reason why a customer will attempt to get you to lower your price. It doesn't cost the customer a dime to try and tell you a T-shirt with a four-color- process print should cost the same as an embroidered placket shirt. To the uneducated, a shirt is a shirt is a shirt. Accept the fact that only those who buy a lot of something will appreciate the subtle differences. There is little chance that what you produce and sell is exactly the same as something a competitor is offering. I have to assume that the quality of your decorated garments, your attention to detail, the customer service you render, and your consistently on-time- delivery record is unmatched anywhere in the world, let alone right down the street. By now, I hope you've come to know that your reaction to a customer with "the same stuff cheaper" argument should be about the same regardless of the underlying condition. You must tactfully educate your customers on how your products and services will delight them and satisfy their needs better than your competitors' products and services. Show them that you appreciate their busi- ness and that you will do your best to earn their trust each and every time they select your company. Most important, stand firm on your price. You're worth every penny of it. Good luck, and good selling!

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