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2 0 1 6 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 21 pottery, moccasins, Navajo cradleboards, Navajo rugs, Native American Church instruments, and peyote fans. This brings us to wearables, of course, because destination gift shops have to do logoed apparel, right? COLOR WORK This Navajo T-shirt project started out great for a change. The cus- tomer sent good vector art, and we did not need to change much. It was to size and created in Illustrator using layers. Nearly perfect, which is very unusual. We did have to change all the colors to spot colors by selecting a color in our color pallete and then selecting swatch options. Then we changed each to a spot color in CMYK for the color mode. We repeated this for all colors in the document. We made our white printer by duping the white, red, and blue and merging them all into one layer. To avoid white peeking out from under the colors, we put a choke on the white printer by adding a 1/4-point stroke to only those areas. As always, it was critical that the last print look exactly like the first from setup to setup. Oh, and one more thing: The Navajo job was a nice order at about 500 pieces, all on nicer-quality 100 percent polyester performance moisture-wick- ing garments, but—and there is always a but—we needed the seps to work on multiple colors and garment styles in several sizes and locations. So it worked out to be more like 50 pieces and 10 setups. Because our ink colors and mesh callouts were the same, we were able to hang our left chest next to the center medallion placement to minimize some screens and actually ran another location on the other end of the screens. Careful positioning was important so our pre-registration system would work correctly on all three of these UNIQUE IDEAS. UNIQUE SOLUTIONS. SUSTAINABLE. VERSATILE. Trendsetters for years: The CHT / BEZEMA Group's competence in the field of printing. With our solutions in screen printing and transfer printing, a wide range of textile applications are possible. Our large product range is characterized by excellent properties, such as optimal printing behavior and high washfastness level. Our screen printing and silicone printing pastes like PRINTPERFEKT or ALPAPRINT fulfill the high requests of the bluesign ® system. With more than 35 years of product and on-site technical service experience, we are proud to be global leaders in the textile industry. C H T R . B E I T L I C H G M B H | Bismarckstraße 102 | D-72072 Tübingen | Phone +49 7071 154-0 | Fax +49 7071 154-290 | | B E Z E M A A G | Kriessernstrasse 20 | CH-9462 Montlingen | Phone +41 71 763 88 11 | Fax +41 71 763 88 88 | |

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