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2 0 1 6 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 35 Kelly green hoodie could include a link to the image on your website for a larger view. "Click here to view our Kelly green hoodie" tells the search engines that it is indeed a Kelly green hoodie, and identifies it as an image via the filename and at- tributes. You can also link the image to the actual product page on your website, preferably with an "Add To Cart" but- ton or other call to action. These methods not only count as incoming and outgoing links involving your image––which are important to search engines––they also lead Internet users directly to a page where a sale can be captured. Finally, consider other avenues for getting pictures of products and goods out there for the world to find. Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and Tumblr offer a free solution for image-based strategies. Take a few snaps during lunch from time to time and shoot them to the web with #strong #keyword #descriptions! Don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results with an image-based marketing effort. While it may appear that no one is engaged, the search engines are always exploring and learning. Make them take notice of your services, and the customers will come looking for you, too! 2.) Use Alt and Title attributes effectively. These attributes are tags within the source code that presents the image to brows- ers, and search engines are still known to crawl those attri- butes when presenting results on their SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). Be sure they are keyword-friendly and, again, descriptive of the item without getting too wordy. These at- tributes can be duplicated within the Alt and Title attributes, as both present themselves through the browser in a similar way and, likewise, are crawled by the search engines. For instance. Kelly Green Hoodie sizes M-XL 3.) Make sure that each image has keyword-friendly text on the actual webpage. Although the image may "say it all" in terms of having a visual on your website, always bear in mind that search engines and web crawlers cannot see, they can only read. What they read is how they determine your relevance in the search results. 4.) Link to the image in creative ways using descriptive text within the links. For example, a blog post detailing your

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