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2 0 1 6 J U N E P R I N T W E A R || 47 parel outside of work, and reinforce the brand. By using an online store, companies can also bypass the older dilemma of distributing physical catalogs. "With a web store, in contrast to a quar- terly catalog, you can easily update your of- ferings without incurring print costs," notes Yeung. He adds that a large part of offering a contemporary, growing online catalog for employees also helps to break the ste- reotypical standard of the work place be- ing "just a cubicle you go to from 9–5." In an ever-shifting economy, both Hunt and Yeung stress the importance of offering the staff goods that lessen the burden of other expenses. By pro- viding essentials like branded apparel, employees will be empowered to spend less time worrying about what they have to wear to work, and allocate their re- sources toward outside fixed expenses. Left: Companies can of- fer yearly incentives to their employees that are personalized and simultaneously carry the company branding. (Image courtesy Erich Campbell) Below: Of- fering employees styles that coincide with what's happening in the retail world helps create a culture where staff will wear branded apparel outside work, and rein- force the brand. (Image courtesy alphabroder)

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