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22 • RV PRO • JUNE 2016 rv-pro.com "Star Wars", but it's a key that has been in use on pretty much every baggage door on every RV going back in time. Everybody has it. It works on every cam lock latch on most RVs ever made. " Think about how much stuff is stored in those baggage areas," Bacon says. "There's tools, equipment and all sorts of things. With the 751 key, there are millions of those things out there. Even with the slam locks that are made by some of the other companies, they've got millions of those out there and you've got these $80,000 fifth wheels where the guy who has a camper from 1975 can take a CH751 and open most of those locks." With the Keyed Alike system, the same key that opens the front door on the RV will be needed to open that cam lock pro- tecting the gear. And with Bauer's manu- facturing process, there are 60 different key options, so it is extremely unlikely for two vehicles in one campground to have the same keys. "With the advancement of coaches and kitchens and outdoor entertainment cen- ters, now you've got a 42-inch flatscreen behind a 751 key, which is absolutely zero security," McKinnon says. "If I walk out through a campground and I have a 751 key, I could access every RV in that camp- ground. And now you can't." Dealer Profit Center Keyed Alike found a much quicker acceptance among dealers when it came to aftermarket applications. Most dealers had heard the same complaints from con- sumers over the years about being loaded Bauer Products' Keyed Alike system is designed to help RVers do away with the potential horde of keys they have to tote around just to get into their RV or baggage area. Bauer introduced the product to the RV market at the 2014 National RV Trade Show. Lippert Components doors that are made to be fitted with Bauer Keyed Alike systems come with a blue plug in place of the lock. At the end of production, the plug is removed and replaced with the actual lock tumbler that is set to work with the same key as all the other exterior doors on the RV. PHOTOS COURTESY OF LIPPERT COMPONENTS

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