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rv-pro.com JUNE 2016 • RV PRO • 27 Be a decision-maker – without help. (Vacillation or inaction is a killer.) Also, know that confidence is not arro- gance. Here are some examples of being a good leader: • Be optimistic. It's contagious and boosts morale. • Take calculated risks to reach rewards. • Display behavior that matches the need. It does not pay to live in fear or be sheepish. Managers who rate highly in the "D"(ominance) or "I"(nducer) scale of the DISC behavior assessment tend to per- form better and play offense better than those who tend to be more on the defensive and are rated as "S"(ubmissive) or "C"(ompliant). • It helps to be comfortable with computer skills, especially the dealership DMS, because of the steep learning curve. Note, while a healthy ego is good, too much can work against you. Develop a dealership culture that is employee- and customer-focused. Specific ways to accomplish this goal include: • Encourage your employees to focus on their strengths. • Handle weaknesses in private, one on one. • Strive to have the right people in the right place. Fill your seats with 'A's rather than 'C's. Work with your 'C's to bring them up to grade, but in the final analysis, it does no one any good to accept substandard performance. Make sure your decisions are based upon solid data. Look at inventory data scientifically. Focus on enterprise net profit rather than simply that of the departments. Without a holistic approach, enterprise profit can actually be reduced as departments seek to achieve their individual goals. Here are some examples: • Basic service prices were lowered by a client to attract more business. While this reduced service and parts gross profit for those services, the increased traffic plus additional found repairs produced a net increase in enterprise net profit. • Similarly, charging full labor retail for internal work captures more profit for the enterprise than a reduced labor rate. CLEAN RV Ask about promo: RVP-616 1 TECH "…(Saved our) dealership time, money and employee turnover" -Kelley Lardner, Owner, Lardner Trailer Sales - Saskatoon CA TURNS ONE TECH INTO A WASH CREW wash-bots.com | 203.637.1900 15 MINUTES

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