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rv-pro.com JUNE 2016 • RV PRO • 39 vice center, McGhee admits Camptown Outfitters, not yet three years old, is still being dialed in. "We just brought the ATVs on about a year and a half ago," he says. "I eventually want that store to make a profit, but right now I just want it to make a little money and do a good job servicing my customers." BDC is a Moneymaker Located deep in the flagship site's maze of offices is one project that is profitable: The Business Development Center. The cen- ter's purpose in life is to enhance the sales staff 's opportunities to move units. The idea came about from McGhee's days at a local auto dealership and it took four years for the BDC to become a moneymaker. "It's hard to see where your money's going. You spend an extra $100,000 a year in employees, computers and software," he says. "If you leave it up to just the sales guy who's done it the same way for the last 20 years, then you have sticky notes all over his desk and you don't know anything. If you actually do it right and you keep up with his customers, then it's worth that extra $100,000." In addition to a skilled staff, the BDC operates on internally developed software, he says. While commercial applications from such industry names as Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP and even Sys2K addressed some of the issues Fun Town had, they all fell short. Consequently, McGhee was forced to pay for a custom solution – but it's been worth it. With more than 400 employees and seven stores spread across two states (the dealership also has a store in Purcell, Okla.), McGhee and Matt Lee, director of sales and marketing, came up with a way to address customer issues. "We'll have a corporate care number that's going on our web- site in June for any customer that has any issue at any one of our stores," he says. "It won't be a representative of that store they're talking to but a corporate employee. That employee isn't there to fix their problem, but to get their information into the CRM and get them in touch with the vice president, who can supersede anybody they've already talked to and go find out what happened, and then take care of the problem." It's an elegant solution and a necessary one considering Fun Town's meteoric rise. Selling 31 units a day on average forces a dealership to stay on top things, according to McGhee. "We're not going to be happy with just being good; we're going to become the best … the best there is," he says. "The reason we don't have 25 stores right now is because I'm only going as fast as I can control it. It looks like I'm growing fast, but I've turned down more opportunities than I've taken." Skylights A/C Shrouds Holding Tanks Available Nationwide www.icondirect.com 1-888-362-4266

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