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rv-pro.com JUNE 2016 • RV PRO • 49 on the RV side," he says. The products also have application in areas that affect the life and performance of RVs, he adds. The first of these product lines is Star Tron, which focuses on fuel quality and features an enzyme-based fuel additive that stabilizes fuel chemistry for up to two years and removes gums, varnish and carbon deposits in engines that sit unused in the off seasons. The product line is avail- able for both gasoline and diesel engine applications. Star brite's MDG/NosGUARD line addresses air quality. This set of EPA-regis- tered chlorine dioxide products is designed to kill mold and mildew, which eliminates musty odors. The additional benefit of this product to RVs is that it helps neutralize the sources of odors left by cigars, cigarettes, pets and garbage. Meanwhile, the firm's Aqua Water Treat- ment and Freshener line centers around water quality and offers a two-part fresh water treatment system that will help clean and maintain RV water tanks. "We developed a Water Shock that actually will treat any fouled fresh water system," Hahn says. "You can simply dump this into the tanks, run it through the lines, and in a matter of four or five hours the lines are clean, the water is perfectly safe and ready to drink. You don't have to flush the system." A second water treatment product can be used to follow the first product for ongoing maintenance. Distributor & Industry Support Star brite appears to have gotten the RV industry's attention. Last summer, the RV Aftermarket Association (RVAA) named Star brite Supplier of the Year. Jon Krueger, executive director of RVAA, says the award was based on a member survey of its distributor members. The supplier that receives the best ratings becomes the Supplier of the Year. Michael Conners, vice president of national sales for Pompano Beach, Fla.- based Land 'N' Sea Distributing, says his company has done business with Star brite for more than 25 years, serving as a dis- tributor of its marine product line. "Star brite has been a significant vendor Star brite is headquartered in Florida but has a large presence in Montgomery, Ala., where it has a 300,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility to serve the needs of the RV, marine, aviation and home care markets.

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