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rv-pro.com JUNE 2016 • RV PRO • 69 inspection reports some dealership techs offer buyers. "A Level 2 inspector looking at a unit will look at over 700 different points of that RV, and many times it may be more than that based on the equipment that's there," he says. Level 2 Inspection reports often number 50 to 120 pages long and are loaded with photos. NRVIA's plan was to focus solely on simple buyer/seller transactions of used units, and never involve dealerships. How- ever, more than 52 percent of its inspec- tions in 2015 occurred on dealers' lots. Cooper says NRVIA inspectors are greeted warmly on most sales lots because they allow the service departments to focus on repair work. In fact, many RV inspectors are recruited to work for the dealership. Mobile RV Academy Offers Training for Techs & RVers For those techs who need to brush up on the basics or for RVers who want to hone their do-it-yourself skills, there's the Take-Home Technician Series. Offered on a USB drive or online, the self-paced program shows how each system on an RV functions and provides hands-on exercises and homework. "With a lot of the equipment in the RVs, if you would just do your main- tenance – clean the cobwebs out and do the basics – it's amazing how a lot of the problems go away," says Terry Cooper, who heads the Mobile RV Academy as its RV instructor and who authored the guides "Atwood Water Heater Repair for Recreational Vehicles" and "Suburban Water Heater Repair for Recreational Vehicles." Cooper says about 80 percent of RV problems could be repaired by RVers if they knew how, which would allow technicians to focus on more serious issues and also decrease shops' wait times. He says many dealers purchase the Take Home series and the manuals for their service departments, both before and after the academy's hands-on training sessions. The series includes four sessions about electrical systems and information about waters systems, water heaters, propane systems, RV exterior inspections and repairs, RV absorption-type refrigerators and servicing air conditioners and maintaining RV furnaces. A four-video collection of the Take-Home series discusses maintenance of Coleman and Dometic air conditioners, Atwood and Suburban furnaces, Norcold and Dometic refrigerators and Atwood and Suburban water heaters. – Stephanie Patrick Now – get a 360 º view around the RV. www.continental-corporation.com The ProViu® ASL360 Camera System helps improve driving and safety and lets your customer monitor their surroundings. ProViu's four cameras stitch together a single 360-degree view around the RV, reducing blind spots and revealing pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstacles hidden from an RV 's mirrors. And, when things go bump in the night, your customer can see what's out there without opening the door. Improve safety, improve sales, with the ProViu ASL360 Camera System. ProViu – A Trademark of the Continental Corporation For additional information, contact: salessupport-us@continental-corporation.com or call: 800-564-5066 Scan to watch video. CO3095 RV_Pro_ProViu 360_Trade_HalfH_6-16_V1.indd 1 4/27/16 4:21 PM

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