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70 • RV PRO • JUNE 2016 rv-pro.com "I have a standing list of service man- agers and dealership owners (who) have open requests for RV inspector graduates," Cooper says. "Some of these managers and owners want to come to the classroom and pitch the students on becoming dealer tech- nicians at their stores. "Many of the dealers are willing to take that RV inspector and utilize them during their peak times and during the nonpeak times the RV inspector may move on to a warmer climate or different location with the intent to return the next peak season." Don't Hate the Messengers Dealerships may not always like the reports. Cooper says 32 percent of the oil samples pulled from motorhomes indicate engine problems. Inspectors also have warned potential buyers when fraud was suspected. "We have had some situations where the consumer had to walk away," he says. They also sometimes uncover life- threatening problems. "We know that the No. 1 cause of a fire on an RV is a refrigerator," Cooper says. "That being the case, it is amazing how many people run around out there who have never had recall kits put on their refrigerators." Cooper and Anderson estimate about 1,800 NRVIA inspectors are needed to handle Level 1 inspections and walk- through assignments coming in the industry. About 450 Level 2 are needed. To prepare for the demand, they hope in the next 18 months to purchase an RV park in Texas, which would serve as National RV Training Center. Cooper would continue to provide training at dealerships across the country, but the center would provide training for RV enthusiasts, campground technicians, dealer technicians, inspectors and anyone else looking for information about RVs. "It's an exciting time for us with these various training initiatives," he says. "We have high hopes moving forward." Cooper shows techs how to use a probe for the "Hot Skin Test," which is a test to find out if there are any electrical shorts or faults into the skin of an RV. The nationwide shortage of skilled techs has created a notable demand for Cooper's services.

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