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R E A D M O R E @ R V - P R O . C O M / S P O T L I G H T S Interested in learning more about the Spotlight program? Contact Matt Wieber at mwieber@nbm.com. Cequent Delivers Feature-Rich Powered Jack For years, RV owners and dealerships have waited for a competitively priced, powered jack that performs as advertised, but they won't wait any longer. The new BULLDOG powered jack is among the most feature-rich powered jacks on the market. With 22-inches of total travel, the BULLDOG features the longest drop leg in the industry, and like all Cequent products, it delivers what it promises and more. A spring-loaded drop-pin makes deployment fast and simple, even when working with a weight distribution system. Three LED lights illuminate connections and the coupling point. With a sleek design and black or white color options, the BULLDOG, available in 3,500- or 4,000-pound rating, not only performs well, it looks good doing it. Fine out more: 800-632-3290 Today's customers grade businesses on the service they deliver. The report card emerges in the form of repeat business, longevity and stability, and Interstate National's StarRV service contract program has proven a trusted brand for both RV consumers and dealers across the U.S. for nearly a quarter- century. With its decades-long track record, it's no surprise that Interstate is among the few service contract providers to maintain a strong presence in the RV marketplace over that time. Interstate's Vince Manning credits the company's success to exceeding their partner's service and profitability goals. "Our passion for service excellence drives us every day," he said. "Our products are developed to provide the highest level of partnership satisfaction by providing long-term stability and profitability." Find out more: inds.com (800) 942-0400 Samlex is changing the way RVers tap into solar energy. With the introduction of its MSK Portable Solar Kits, Samlex empowers its customers with convenient solar kits, regardless of where the road takes them. The kit features a unique tri-fold panel that provides easy setup, takedown and compact storage, delivering solar power wherever it's needed. The MSK-90 and MSK-135 generate up to 35 or 53 amp-hours of electricity per day, respectively. The panels feature a built-in, three-stage 10-amp charge controller to protect batteries and prevent overcharging. Samlex's wide selection of distribution partners, which feature same-day or next-day delivery, ensure MSK Portable Solar Kits are always in stock. Call your distributor for more information, or visit samlexsolar.com for more information. Find out more: samlexsolar.com 800-525-3836 Interstate Helps Dealers Make The Grade Samlex Solar Kits Empower RV Owners On And Off Road Progressive Dynamics Delivers Innovative Power Solutions Since its start in 1964, Marshall, Mich.-based Progressive Dynamics has aimed to provide the RV industry with quality power solution products through innovation. Through the years, the company's goal remains the same: deliver the best service and products to the industry by spending more time and energy on innovating and redesigning products for increased reliability. In addition to its dedication to innovation, PDI provides the best service department in the industry by adhering to the core values that forged its 52-year history with the RV industry: honesty and integrity. Whether it's the Inteli-Power distribution panels, or the new, all-in-one converter-charger for lithium-ion batteries, PDI delivers on its promise to provide the industry's best power solutions and customer service. Find out more: progressivedyn.com 269-781-4241

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