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50 • A&E MID-JUNE 2016 A&E: WHAT ARE SOME OF THE GENERAL BUSINESS CONSIDERATIONS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN OFFERING CUSTOMIZED JEWELRY? Olian: I think the biggest consid- eration specific to jewelry would be to select a partner who is known for high-quality work (if outsourcing your orders). The last thing you want is to deal with clients who are un- happy with poorly made jewelry. An experienced jewelry outfit is worth their weight in gold. Personalizing JEWELERY A&E: WHY SHOULD AWARDS RETAILERS OUTSOURCE THEIR CUSTOMIZATION WORK? Olian: I think it's important to iden- tify your business' strongest qualities and focus on doing them to the best of your ability. There are some items you are probably extremely proficient at customizing and other not so much. Building relationships with other com- panies who you can trust to outsource customization projects to will allow you to focus on doing what it is that your firm does best. A&E: WHAT SHOULD AWARDS SHOPS CONSIDER WHEN OUTSOURCING CUSTOM WORK IN GENERAL? Olian: When outsourcing any custom work, it is crucial to know whom you are going to be working with. Do they have a proven track record for quality and on- time work? I have found that outsourcing jobs to local businesses allows for easier communication, which is essential when taking on custom jobs. It also saves time on shipping and helps support your local economy. IMAGE COURTESY MATTHEW OLIAN

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