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A&E MID-JUNE 2016 • 51 A&E: ARE THERE ANY DRAWBACKS TO OUTSOURCING CUSTOMIZATION PROJECTS? Olian: The biggest drawback of outsourcing any cus- tom job is that you are not personally there to oversee the customization process. As a result, it may take extra communication efforts to ensure that the job is done to your specifications. A&E A&E: IS THERE ANYTHING SPECIFIC TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN OUTSOURCING JEWELRY WORK? Olian: With outsourcing jew- elry in particular, it is important to have a dialogue with both your client and the company doing the job about the spe- cific requirements of the order. Essentially, you will work as a liaison between both parties to ensure that the finished jewelry is exactly what the client has in mind including sizing, style, finish, engraving type, etc. It is also important to ensure that the companies you work with do extremely high-quality work as their work reflects directly on your work. It never hurts to ask for a few referrals before begin- ning to work with new partners. IMAGE COURTESY RICHARD ALCORN IMAGE COURTESY RICHARD ALCORN IMAGE COURTESY JESSICA GIACOBBE

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