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14 • A&E JULY 2016 by Stephen L. Capper, CRM PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE SELL ANOTHER WAY… THAT WORKED! When I started in the trophy business as a young boy, I didn't have any idea of how to sell more business. There wasn't any school where I could learn the trade, there weren't any Associations to join, there weren't any magazines to read and learn from. The only trade show that was available was the NSGA (National Sporting Goods Association) show in Chicago. Fortunately I had a fantastic father who spent far more time than most fathers with me transferring his sales knowledge. I maintain that sales are the key to growing your business—nothing else comes close. Some people think about their financial inheritance, but the knowledge we receive from others is far more valuable than money if you use it. Getting back to the original story, I was young and when you are a boy, it is diffi- cult to sell clients on the idea that you can handle the job. I am sure now that there were many jobs I thought I could handle but couldn't. First, I was under-financed; second, I didn't have a track record—the experience wasn't there yet. But I knew I could do it if they would give me a chance. Now how do you get someone to give you a chance for experience when you don't have any? In our next segment, I will tell you a true story of how important it is to listen to the sales people who come in your showroom. I am going to explain why it so important and how you can sell an account just by knowing how to use your tools. SELL ANOTHER WAY… LISTEN People would buy a plaque or a small order of trophies from me, but how could I get a bigger account? When I was about 16, I started thinking about how I could A s you read the following way of selling years ago, think about those you are selling, what their needs are, and how you can fulfill those needs. This isn't always easy and it is up to you to make a better plan than your competition. A big mistake is to keep doing what you've been doing, especially if it isn't working. Just being before the buyer and changing the product mix you are marketing can make a big difference to you and in turn will change your buyers. Selling is a lot about show and tell, but you have to make the first step. IS YOUR BUSINESS TOOL BOX FULL? PART LXII Sell Another Way What ways do you sell your products and services besides your showroom?

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