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July '16

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A&E JULY 2016 • 15 Sales & Marketing build this business into something worthwhile. I started all kinds of sales plans and various ideas. But how do you make it grow into a real busi- ness? I was selling a few local horse and dog shows because I understood them and related with the people, but again, getting the people to trust me was difficult. Then one Sunday evening, I was making calls from my little office. I called a lady in Baltimore, Maryland. She was putting on a dog show and told me about her dogs and how she loved them. I listened, then the conver- sation started, and she wanted to know if I had this and that. The relationship was building and then it happened: she said, "Well it sounds good to me—how does the shipping work?" I said, if you prepay the account 30 days prior to shipping, I will pay half the shipping. She said, "OK, where do I send the check?" The check was for $1,040, a big sale for a 16-year-old in 1961. I let the client finance my operation when I was able to receive the check in advance and it only cost me half the shipping. Keep in mind shipping was much less in 1961. My dad couldn't believe I got someone hundreds of miles away to send me, a complete stranger, a check for the full amount. But I did time after time with many different clients and we still do it today with those who only buy once or twice a year; there is more to this technique and I will share that with you in a future segment. When I finished that phone call, I thought, this lady didn't know how old I was. I hadn't lied to her, because she never asked me my age, and over the phone she couldn't tell my age. Laser BLack on MetaL 800.733.7705 • Works for all lasers! Spray on and laser engrave to create black on metal.

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