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July '16

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A&E JULY 2016 • 19 Laser Engraving that are used to guide the movement and the position of the mirrors. When the position and angle of these mirrors change, the laser beam is moved to dif- ferent locations on the laser bed. Of course, a laser source is required for this technology to function. The laser source is attached to the galvo head and can include a single type of laser beam such as a CO 2 , nd:YAG, or fiber beam. A lens is also required for the operation of a galvo head laser, but as Minchau says, "A very big lens" is required. These lenses can measure 4 to 5 inches in diameter. While the galvo head lasers are becoming more prominent, they are different than the traditional type of laser head found in the awards and engraving industry. A galvo head is sta- tionary as compared to the typical CO 2 laser, which has a moving head. Due to its characteristic movement of going back and forth across the laser bed, the laser beam is directed throughout the laser bed using a gantry or "flying" gantry technology. Commonly found with CO 2 lasers in the awards and engraving industry are the gantry-based laser heads. These heads move back and forth across the laser table. IMAGE COURTESY RICHARD KORBYL LET US DO THE ETCHING FOR YOU! NO SET-UP CHARGES! • • 225 Gap Way • Erlanger, KY 41018 • 888.283.0019 • fax: 800.806.4808 The engraver's choice for imaginative crystal

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