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July '16

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A&E JULY 2016 • 21 Laser Engraving galvo-based lasers used in the awards and engraving industry is 4 by 4 inches and 8 by 8 inches. Unlike the common 2-inch focal length found on traditional CO 2 lasers, the focal distance of a galvo-based laser can vary from "140mm (5.5 inches) to 330 mm (13 inches)," says Lusignan. Another unique aspect of galvo-based lasers is that you can change the lens to better suit your application. "If you had a 4-by-4-inch field and you wanted to increase your field size to 8 by 8 inches, a couple things will occur," says Lusignan. "Firstly, your spot size will increase as you increase your field size. As a result of this larger spot size, your power density will be dispersed over a larger area, typically resulting in a power loss." But the opposite is also true. If you shrink your field size, you actually will see an increase in the power density. For deep engraving metal dies or molds, a special lens can be used, which results in a reduced field size, but provides a more intense beam, says Minchau. USES Galvo-based lasers are not only extremely fast but they can produce very detailed graphics. These lasers are often customized and integrated into a production line to optimize the work process. Simply look at any cell phone or electronic device and the markings found on that device are likely done with a galvo-based laser. Trotec offers its versions of a galvo head laser with either a CO 2 or fiber beam. In addition, on its SpeedMarker 1300, the table actually moves under the galvo head, allowing a 44-by-25-inch working area. The awards and engraving industry has been involved with laser technology for years. Laser operators can really benefit from the reliability, speed and detail that a galvo-based laser produces. Richard Korbyl manages the family busi- ness, Columbia Awards, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been involved with the awards industry for over 20 years. If you have any questions or comments, contact Richard at 1-780-438-3266 or A&E • 800.733.7705 18" 24" PLASTIC SHEETS The quality your customers deserve with the size your laser needs. 9 popular color combinations. per sheet NEW FAST SHIPPING The quality your customers deserve with the size your laser needs. 9 popular color combinations.

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