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24 • A&E JULY 2016 could be anything from prior working relationships (a person) has with various companies or personnel at those compa- nies, or it could be that they simply have an unabashed pride in their country and want to make sure the money spent stays within the U.S.," the team states. In general, it seems to be the consumer that is driving this shift. Chemel notes that when customers are looking for something unique versus stock, USA-manufactured items almost always win. "Quantity, time lines and budget will determine the decision (of the end-user)," he believes. AMERICAN MADE Even though U.S. manufacturing is still undergoing change in the awards industry, customers have begun the hunt for these items, which is why retailers should con- sider adding a few of these products to their offerings. In fact, there are quite a few benefits for awards shops to stocking made-in-the-USA items. To start with, custom orders are usually better handled with products made right here in the states, according to Chemel, and right now, everyone wants a custom item. For example, marathon runners usu- ally receive finisher medals, and most of Allowing your customers to choose between products made in the U.S. versus those made overseas is important to overall business. Four Questions to Ask Before Adding Made- in-the-USA Products Rich Zydonik, Rowmark An awards retailer should answer a number of questions to decipher whether adding made-in-the-USA products is right for their business. ✪ Is the cost of the U.S.-sourced product comparable to products sold outside of the U.S.? ✪ Can I access the U.S. products more quickly, and therefore, deliver to the end-user more rapidly by adding made-in-the-USA products to my offering? ✪ Are the products I am purchasing outside of the U.S. of the best quality and can I find products that are of better quality? ✪ Am I mandated to sell U.S. products or do I have customers that are mandated to purchase U.S. products only? IMAGE COURTESY ZEIT IMAGE COURTESY ROWMARK

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