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July '16

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A&E JULY 2016 • 37 printing are extensive: the ability to print on a wide variety of materials, both treated and untreated, including PVC, PET, ABS, acrylic, wood, glass, ceramics, boards, metals, soft fabrics and leathers. Ability to print on thick 3D items. UV curable ink sets include CMYK, white and clear. Using the white ink as a base, a UV-LED printer has the ability to print white and full-color on dark items and both sides of clear glass and acrylics. In addition, inks can be built up to create 3D textures and braille for signs and awards. The inks dry almost instantaneously on the substrate surface. Dot gain and color saturation are optimized because there is no time for ink dots to spread. In addition, there is no ink absorption into the actual substrate. The inks firmly bond to the substrate surface. Inks for LED curing have been improved to better deal with the concentrated, very narrow spectral light emissions of UV-LED systems. Due to the instant drying time, mul- tiple layers of both white and clear plus CMYK may be applied simultaneously in a single printing pass. This allows fine details and incredibly small fonts to be printed. The inks can also be applied selectively to build up embossed objects and letters, including unique custom tex- tures and braille. In addition, the clear ink can be "flooded" over the entire or selected areas of the substrate to increase durability or provide a higher gloss finish. IMAGES COURTESY GOVIVID The GoVivid Breeze Printer. Have a service or product to sell? For A&E Marketplace advertising inquiries, call 800.669.0424

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