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THE SCORE BAJA 500 T he SCORE Baja 500 will go down in the record books as one of the most challenging on record, affecting drivers, team strategies and fans. As has been the history of this historical race, the Baja is always unpredictable and always adds new scenarios to the best of team plans. At this time, we must recognize the tragedies that occurred that once again point out the extreme nature of off-road motorsports. The SCORE family, racing community and fans honor and remember Travis Livingston, Noah Evermann and the spectator family loss in this issue. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of these families. Safety Safety for teams and fans alike will remain a priority as we continue to develop programs and work with other organizations to reduce the factors that we can have any control over. SCORE's implementation of the SPOT tracking system, full medical staffed emergency vehicle teams, addition medical helicopters, the Cruz Roja Emergency Race Operations Command Post and fan based educational videos that have been created in Spanish and English to push "be smart and safe" message to the race fans, has certainly been designed to help reduce the inherent risks. However, the goal will remain to keep developing more safeguards internally and with our partners to continue to minimize the risk factors. SCORE will also be hosting a long planned must attend "Driver Safety Workshop" put on by SCORE International and the Stand 21 Safety Foundation. This will be taking place on July 30 at the SCORE International Tech Shop, located in El Cajon, CA and will provide Safety information from top experts in this field that have gained valuable information from their involvement in multiple areas of motorsports. See more details in this issue's full page promotional information. This Issue The SCORE Baja 500 Champions and more are showcased for their great achievements in overcoming the many challenges that make the SCORE Baja 500 so special. Make sure you check out all the great integrated videos that add to the viewer experience with a great inside look at this year's championship efforts! We also have a return from former series powerhouse Toyota to the SCORE International World Desert Racing Championship with a matchup with multi Baja 1000 winner and 5x winner of the then Toyota Milestone award, BJ Baldwin. BJ will be campaigning the #97 Toyota Tundra in chasing future championship for the new Sponsor. Will BJ take over desert racing domination like previous Toyota legend, Ivan Stewart? Read the story from BJ's perspective along with Ivan Stewart's insight and find out! Enjoy the Issue. Jim PUBLISHER'S NOTE SCORE INTERNATIONAL C.E.O. & PRESIDENT Roger Norman VICE PRESIDENT Elise Norman MARKETING & SALES DIRECTOR Jim Ryan MEXICAN ATTORNEY Javier Tamayo RACE DIRECTOR / LOGISTICS MEXICO Aberlardo Girjalva CORPORATE ADMINISTRATOR Mandy Dunn RACE OPERATIONS Christine Wait Lawton Shank SCORE REGISTRATION Krista Anderson MEDIA OPS DIRECTOR Dominic Clark TECH DIRECTOR Art Savedra LOGISTICS COORDINATOR Carlos Corral MARKETING INTERN James Pease PUBLISHED BY SCORE INTERNATIONAL OFF-ROAD RACING 465 South Meadows Parkway #6 Reno, NV 89521, 775-852-8907. Cover and contents are protected by copyright and must not be reproduced in any form or in part, without the prior written consent of the publisher. ® 03 SCORE JOURNAL

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