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GM LS V8 PERFORMANCE BUYER'S GUIDE T he GM LS V8 is one of the most popular engines used in a variety of desert racing vehicles. Because of its responsiveness to changes in camshaft, intake, cylinder heads and more, the LS V8 can make gobbs of horsepower with the right parts. We've gathered a variety of some of the most popular aftermarket components for LS engines that are available for racing and enthusiast-performance use. PARTS THAT HELP YOUR LS V8 MAKE MORE POWER FAST LSXR 102MM INTAKE RUNNER SETS FAST offers its 102mm manifold with a removable runner design that offers the capability to shift torque and horsepower gains to a higher RPM than the original version. High HP and Race versions are available and are designed specifically for LS3, L99, L76 and L92 engines that are built for high-performance applications. The High HP Runner Sets are shorter and straighter to improve high- RPM horsepower in vehicles with added performance modifications. The Race Runner Set features a short and straight runner engineered for all-out high-RPM performance. WWW.FUELAIRSPARK.COM BY CANDACE WITTROCK AND DAN SANCHEZ 090 SCORE JOURNAL

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