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ne Composting Salt of the Earth: Brick Ends Farm owner Peter Britton, Miller, and Sandler. pain Miller's grin gets wider whenever he's talking about the new Ford F450 with only 24,000 miles he bought from Gordon College. The new truck means their biggest expenses, which include diesel fuel ($120 to $140 per fill-up) and truck main- tenance and repairs, will increase over the summer months. But apparently, so will demand. Miller is hauling nearly 20 tons of compost a month now, but he expects that figure to double or triple by the fall. Newburyport has asked Black Earth Hauler to do the pickup for its pilot residential program, doubling the number of Miller's residential customers. In April, he was contacted by a large private school in southern New Hampshire, hospitals in Gloucester and Beverly, and a collection of businesses in Newburyport. "It's on everyone's radar right now," says Miller. That includes the area's garbage companies, which he says are telling clients that rather than renegotiate their hauling fees, they'll start offering a compost pick-up services themselves. "But it's not us versus them," cautions Sandler. "We're not only saving the restaurants money, but we're also saving the garbage companies money. They're paying to unload the stuff, and now they have a lighter truckload. The only ones losing out are the landfills." ‚óŹ n 100 July 2012 July 2012

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