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From the Editor contributors Fun in the Sun summer is in full swing on the North Shore, which means beach days, bike rides, festivals, farm visits, walks by the water, and so much more. As usual, our July is packed with all those things we love most about liv- ing in New England during this time of year. Ice cream is symbolic of summer, and Brandy Rand graciously took on the task (it wasn't too tough to convince her) of rounding up great North Shore ice cream spots ("The Ice Cream Cometh," page 106). I suggest keeping it handy as a guide when you're deciding where to get your next ice cream fix. And as far as food goes, while planning this issue, I was surprised to learn that chili, despite its comforting quality and perception as a cold-weather dish, actually has a place on the summer food scene. In "The Chili Season" (page 114), chili chef "Mean" Dean Harvey talks to Alexandra Pecci about making the 10 July 2012 perfect pot of chili and the North Shore's somewhat unknown summer chili cook- off circuit. I hope Dean's tips inspire you to add chili to your own summer menus (try your own recipe, or Dean's on page 117), be it a backyard barbeque or potluck picnic. Elsewhere in the issue, you'll read about other ways to enjoy the outdoors. If you like gardening, read "Business is Blooming" on page 30. Writer Debbie Strong stopped by the Ipswich home of Kristen Blais, who owns Garden Designs by Kristen, where Blais talked about creat- ing the perfect at-home garden. And Tam- sin Venn went to Manchester-by-the-Sea ("Seaside Escape," page 42) and reported back with options for enjoying the water (will standup paddle boarding be the next big trend in water sports?), as well as the town's on-land offerings. In East Glouces- ter, photographer Jonathan Kozowyk cap- tured on film life at Beacon Marine Basin ("Marine Life," page 118), a symbol of New England boating and fishing. If your sum- mer travel plans include Gloucester, stop and see it; it's an interesting bit of history so close to home. Of course, our July issue is always replete with beach essentials, from flip-flops ("Sole Searching," page 36) and beach towels ("Terry Good," page 32) to cover-ups ("Take Cover," page 34) and bathing suits ("Make a Splash," page 128). Shop this issue and you'll be set for the rest of the beach season. Lastly, we're hard at work on our 2012 Best of the North Shore issue. Your votes came pouring in, and we noted our favorite spots. Get the results next month, and in the meantime, let me know what you love most about summer on the North Shore. Lindsay Lambert, editor tonian, the Boston Globe Magazine, and in interna- tional webzines. Of shooting the summer fashion story "Make a Splash" (page 128), Packert says, "I could use many quotes here, from 'I love my job' to 'tough day at the office,' but most of all, 'I would like to thank my wife for understanding!'" Packert is represented by Bob Packert A Boston-based photog- rapher/director, Packert creates a special world for models and wardrobe to inhabit. His work has been published in Time and Boston magazines, the Improper Bos- experience. "Jay and John know a memorable meal is more than just fresh, local ingredients pre- pared well," she says. "They believe a little magic comes from honoring the community and eating with good company in a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Their enthusiasm is contagious." Julia Quinn-Szcesuil While interviewing Flatbread Company owners Jay Gould and John Meehan for "Riding the Wave" (page 80), writer Julia Quinn-Szcesuil was impressed with how both men approach the Flatbread route for "Earth Brother" (page 92). A book edi- tor living in Danvers, Gettings covers the North Shore farm stand and farmers market "beet" on his blog, John Gettings Except for a few seconds when he thought a barrel of restaurant leftovers may come crashing down on him, writer/blogger Gettings enjoyed riding shotgun along Black Earth Hauler's pickup ongoing project that started three years ago while Kozowyk was a resident there. Kozowyk says there's much to learn from Gloucester legend A. A. Dorr and hopes that, like Dorr, he, too, will be building boats at the young age of 83. Jonathan Kozowyk The Boston-based photogra- pher ("Marine Life," page 118) has shot for Boston, Yankee, and Fortune magazines, City Sports, and Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog. The Beacon Marine Basin project is an Lambert photograph by sadie dayton Kozowyk photograph by Michael Prince

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