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Correspondence advertisements for cool shops and studios make the Cover to cover, Northshore's great writing, captivating photography, and fascinating destinations— even the '' North Shore (my home for over 20 years) a new place to explore. Here's to summer road trips!" sam mcgilloway, nahant, via e-mail Location, Location, Location Thanks so much for your featured article on Gloucester's Willow Rest eatery ["Rest Stop," May/June 2012]. It is wonderful—a pure gem! However, it is not located in West Gloucester, which refers to a totally different part of the city, but rather in the Riverdale section (witness the Riverdale station of the U.S. Post Office, which sits right next door to Willow Rest). I wouldn't want folks not to find the place because they were driving through West Gloucester searching for it. On the other hand . . . we would like to keep it to ourselves! Nah—Melissa [Donati, Willow Rest's owner] deserves all the business she can handle. Jill Ryan, Riverdale, Gloucester, via e-mail Editor's response: Thanks for pointing out our error, Jill. We regret the mistake. Here's 12 July 2012 hoping our readers find their way to Willow Rest and enjoy it just as much as we do. Dog Days While I have no doubt that there are those individuals who need the services of a protection dog trained by John Whittaker and his associates at Canine Protection International ["Training Day," May/June 2012], I couldn't help but feel, as I viewed the photo of the German Shepherd with the muzzle strapped onto his head, that I was looking into the face of Hannibal Lecter. Carolyn Carter, via e-mail Editor's response: Thanks for your com- ments, Carolyn. Despite the Lecter-like look of the German Shepherd in the photo, the protec- tion dogs are mild-mannered and extremely obedient under John Whittaker's expert care and instruction. The muzzles are used as an extra measure of precaution during trainings and some outings, which does indeed give the dog wearing it an ominous appearance. Pleasant Surprise Based on your "Hidden Gems" article ("Unknown North Shore," May/June 2012), four of us decided to try Cielito Lindo last night. I was leery about it, as I'm generally not too keen on Mexican food, but I was bowled over. The food is fresh and flavor- ful, and our servers were warm and helpful. What a find! Glad we were there by 6:00, as the line was out the door soon after. Margie, via Book It I loved this issue [May/June 2012] and was very pleasantly surprised to see a re- view of my friend Jodi Smith's book ["Oh, Behave!"] included! Danielle Kempe, via Facebook Home Sweet Home I loved the Home Issue of Northshore magazine [March/April 2012] and read the whole thing cover to cover. Great writing, captivating photography, and fascinating destinations—even the ad- vertisements for cool shops and studios make the North Shore (my home for over 20 years) a new place to explore. Here's to summer road trips! Sam McGilloway, Nahant, via e-mail Corrections In "Good Design" [May/June 2012], Jason Revilla was incorrectly identified as James Revilla. In "Collective Soul" in the same is- sue, we erroneously reported that Jo-Ann fabrics filed for bankruptcy. The company was Joan Fabrics. In "Bat Man," we misi- dentified Matt Steinberg as Matt Epstein. In "Wall Flowers" [May/June 2012], we omitted a styling credit. Hair and makeup for the shoot was done by Bre Welch for Zero2sixty Creative. $ share your thoughts on this issue of northshore nshore

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