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"Welcome to the New Age of Anti-Age!" advertise m e n t The New England Facial & Cosmetic Surgery Center Seminar Dr. Petropoulos will be demonstrating the EndyMed 3 Deep skin tightening procedure in a complimentary informational seminar and will also be featuring the non-invasive "Liquid Face Lift" on Thursday, August 2nd at 6:00 pm at The New England Facial Cosmetic Surgery Center, 80 Lindall Street Suite 2, Danvers MA 01923, 978-739-9500. Space is limited. RSVP required to Before and Aſter Photos showing Face and Neck Skin Tightening using EndyMed. Rejuvenate Yourself – Enjoy Yourself ! Dr. Petropoulos is Among First in the Country to Offer New Procedure Written by Taylor Dougwillo Even though you may have earned every line and wrinkle on your face, you may now choose whether to let them show or not, and to what degree. Thanks to advancements in medical cosmetic treatments, there are mod- ern non-surgical options for patients who are looking to turn back time in a natural and harmonious way. "By addressing all the various signs of aging (dynamic wrinkles, facial vol- ume loss, texture problems and skin laxity), a harmonious freshening of a person's appearance occurs in a natural way," says Dr. Petropoulos. Speaking of laxity, do you feel that your skin is becoming looser around your jaw-line and neck? Around your tummy or your knees? Your arms? Technology has finally caught up and there is a solution for you! Not only is it painless, it's ac- tually quite pleasant! I enjoyed my treatment so much, I wished it would never end! Dr. Petropoulos is one of the first in New England to offer this exciting, new, non-invasive treatment. The EndyMed Pro 3Deep machine tightens your skin with the use of multipolar radio frequency energy. Being multipolar, the EndyMed treatment ensures that there is no discomfort as opposed to the previous treat- ment modalities (e.g. Thermage) which were unipolar and hence did carry discomfort with them. With EndyMed, there is no need for medication – you can just drive yourself in and one hour later, after a superbly pleasant experience, likened to a warm massage, just drive yourself back to work or home with no downtime and no tell-tale signs, just tighter skin! The radio frequency energy successfully and safely tightens the collagen only loose skin but also cellulite, depending on the handpiece used - there is a different one for each body part to allow for just the right amount of energy penetration. Redefine your jaw-line, get rid of your marionette lines! Smoothen out your cellulite! If your triceps are tired of trying to tighten those arms – let EndyMed help. Dr. Anna Petropoulos is constantly researching new, innovative, cutting edge techniques, procedures and devices to provide the safest and most natural re- sults for her patients. "I only invest in new procedures after I have thoroughly researched them. I chose the EndyMed because I saw the results first hand. EndyMed technology can tighten sagging or loose skin wherever it exists on the body," said Petropoulos. Now more and more people, men included, are turning to cosmetic rejuvenation techniques to make sure their faces reflect the way they feel inside. The key is to make sure that the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatolo- gist you turn to, is formally trained and highly experienced in the artistry of natural rejuvena- tion so that your results will be the real you (just a fresher version)! Dr. Anna Petropoulos, a leader and inno- Before and Aſter Photos showing improvement in cellulite using EndyMed. vator for over a decade in non-invasive facial rejuvenation techniques is a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and the Medical Direc- tor of the New England Facial and Cosmetic Surgery Center, where safe, affordable, mod- ern cosmetic treatments are offered for those who want to turn back time. Surgical, non-surgical, permanent, and non-permanent techniques are available with personal consultations to provide the best treatment option for your needs. Trust your face to a specialist who understands classic beauty! in your skin. It also increases the production of new collagen so that the im- provements gradually increase over time. EndyMed can be performed on the face, neck and body to address not Anna E. Petropoulos M.D., F.R.C.S. 80 Lindall Street, Danvers 44 Mall Road, Burlington 978-739-9500 Board Certified, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Member American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

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