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Chef's Tools: Edelman's cookbook collection; a bevy of pretty pitchers. money into your business to improve it. When you do that, you have to upgrade to full code." In 5 Corners, the new bath- rooms required four times the space of the old ones, but there wasn't an ounce of room to spare. For two months, Edelman and Carlos Rocha, the owner of Terry's, negotiated to make the three bathrooms fit without having a negative impact on either business. Ultimately, Rocha decided to move his business just down the street, enabling Edelman to take over the space next door. "In the end, it just wouldn't fit," Bloom says, adding that he and Edelman quickly began envisioning how to craft the new space. Unlike the first time, where budget and space con- straints dictated a lot of the design, "There is a lot of flexibility in the new layout," he says. "There will be several settings in which to enjoy the restaurant." For starters, the dining room will be twice as big, but with only 50 percent more seating—bringing the total to 60 seats. The ceilings will be higher and the steel beams will be ex- posed, making the space feel even brighter and more modern. The renovation will also address the clamor mentioned in the Zagat rating. "The old space was very noisy—there was a lot of echo," Bloom says. "The new restaurant will be a lot more controlled acoustically." There will also be an emphasis on the connection to the street, especially in the new bar/lounge area, which will feature walk-in seating and its own, budget-friendly menu with the vibe of a casual neighborhood brasserie. While Edelman says the dining room will have a similar feel to the original space, it will be more refined and will offer a window into the new kitchen. "I want people to be connected with the fact that we're in there, cooking their food. It doesn't just magically appear," Edelman says. The kitchen will also be custom-designed to deliver the kind of food that Edelman is preparing. "I had 14 months of real-life experience to learn exactly what I need in the space," he says. The whole restaurant will have a timeless, classic look— July 2012 July 2012 57

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