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July 2016

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IN ACTION 45 the Groundsman July 2016 Visit for more information and digital editions Deep penetration aeration for trees G860 is perfect for the Principality Stadium Terrain Aeration has been treating trees in all types of situation for more than 25 years, from back gardens to large estates right through to Royal Parks. The Terrain Aeration Terralift machines comprise a probe which reaches one metre depth, deeper than the roots of trees (other than the major tap roots which grow straight down). Breaking up the soil around the roots, and beyond, means that excess water will drain away from the roots to help stop anaerobic conditions and rotting of the root system. The probe is then used to inject dried seaweed which helps keep the fi ssures open and backfi lling the probe holes with aggregate provides a semi permanent aeration/ventilation shaft. Terrain Aeration aerates around the roots using 2m spacings - on most occasions 1m inside and 1m outside the canopy drip line, as this is where Lee Evans, head groundsman at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, claims that the Dennis G860 is the 'perfect machine' for him and his grounds staff. Lee purchased two Dennis Premiers and soon added to his collection after seeing the Dennis G860 in action. Featuring an interchangeable cassette system, giving options to fi t a variety of heads including scarifi ers, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters as well as six or eight bladed cutter cassettes, the G860 is relied upon in stadium environments all over the world – and Lee hasn't looked back since. "I had heard a lot of good things about the G860 so I trialled one to see what it was like and I was really impressed," he said. "It's basically a multitude of machines in one which is great and saves you a lot of time." the growing roots lie. Decompacting around the roots and injecting air into the soil increases the percentage of uptake of oxygen into the root system. PRODUCTS FOR SPORT For more information call our expert sales team on 01502 710039 or visit THE GROUND SCREW For quick but secure installation of goal posts, fences and barriers. At the forefront of sports equipment innovation in: Athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, handball, hockey, lacrosse, rounders, netball, rugby, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball. Call for our catalogue! Requires professional installation Temporary use for events and tournaments SEE THE EARTH MOVE ON VIDEO W: WWW.TERRAINAERATION.CO.UK T: 01449 673783 TerralIfT deep peneTraTIOn relIeves cOmpacTIOn, waTerlOggIng and pannIng WE MAKE THE EARTH MOVE TerraIn aeraTIOn's TreaTmenT Is lOng-Term fOr spOrTs pITches, parks, bOwlIng greens, gOlf cOurses, Trees and gardens. ask The experTs. we have 25 years Of experIence Of makIng The earTh mOve. O ne m e tr e de ep pene tr a t i o n In jec tio n of co mpre ss e d a ir a n d s e a w eed Terrain Aeration New 1/4.qxp_Layout 1 24/06/2016 16:58 Page 1

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