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TRAINING CENTERS Mutoh has been an industry leader for more than 60 years. Founded in 1952 in Tokyo, Mutoh Industries, Ltd. began as a manufacturer and distributor of mechanical drafting products, and has since become the world's foremost manufacturer of wide- format printers. Mutoh America believes that smart printing equals value. Through ongoing innovation, Mutoh continues to pioneer new technology and integrate it into our printers and the printing process. Then, this technology is taught and practiced with dealer partners and customers alike throughout the United States with the use of one of Mutoh Amer- ica fully equipped and staffca's fully equipped and staffed training and demonstration facilities. training and demonstration facilities. New innovation is what makes Mutoh print- ers smart and more valuable to the customers who use them. So, what is smart printing? Features are important and all printer manufacturers, including Mutoh, will continue to improve upon the performance of their machines with increased speeds, higher resolution and better ink technology. But where does the true value of a printer come into play? Where does the customer see and actually experience real value for their dollar? Mutoh America believes that smart printing equals value. Through ongoing innovation, Mutoh continues to pioneer new technology and integrate it into our printers. By integrating smart technology into the printer and by incorporating smart print features into the printing process, customers realize and experience true value for their dollar. This technology is not only smart, but simple to learn and easy to use and can be demonstrated in any one of Mutoh America's fully equipped and staffed learning facilities located throughout the United States. SPECTROVUE "The Smart printing is Mutoh's patented Intelligent Inter- weave print technique (i2) which virtually eliminates banding. With multiple effects to choose from, Intelligent Interweave lays down ink in a wave pattern and eliminates the straight path printing pattern (banding) that is customary of other printer manufac- turers, thus producing higher quality, better looking prints. "The color output of this machine is phenomenal, especially since there are no banding issues. The ValueJet is the best plug and play machine that I have seen!" - Terry Flanagan, Sign-A-Rama "We chose the Mutoh eco-solvent printer over others specifically because of the quality, speed and cost associated with it. In my opinion the Wave Technology this printer possesses (which reduces banding) makes it hand's down the best printer for its value on the market today. " - Sean Tomlin, Designer Wraps Smart printing is also the ability to incorporate on-printer color calibra- tion. Through the use of Mutoh's Spectro- Vue VM-10 spectrophotometer it is easy to implement true process control for multiple print jobs using multiple ValueJet printers so you can produce consistent images time after time, which ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction. Mutoh's SpectroVue VM-10 is easy to use and has advanced capabilities, " Mutoh's Engineer- ing Manager Chris Brown explains. "Unlike hand-operated instruments, the VM-10 performs all of its operations connected to the printer, freeing the user to work on other tasks. "

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