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Character Generator—A device for creating text on video. Character generators are often used to make information channels and electronic bulletin boards for TV and Cable. Chase—The illusion of movement in neon tubes or incandescent bulbs created by turning the light sources on and off in sequence. Also, to decorate metal, typically by engraving or cutting. Chromaticity—The quality of a color as determined by its purity and dominant wavelength, which is relative to saturation and hue, as used in the HSV model. Chrome—High-quality positive color fi lm, ordinarily shot by professionals. It includes 35-mm slides, 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" medium-format fi lm and 4" x 5" view-camera transparencies. Chrome positives are often used for proofi ng. Chrominance—The property of a color that describes its saturation, intensity, or colorfulness, used in differentiating two colors of equal brightness and hue. CIE (Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage)—A color-standards organization based in Vienna, Austria. The CIE's chromaticity diagram is a two-dimensional reference for defi ning colors and color spaces based upon physiological measurements of human color vision. An abbreviation for the CIE L*a*b* (CIELAB) color space. Cladding—Cover material applied over the framework of a structure. Classic Glass—Tubing used for neon signs or artwork in which the glass itself is colored achieving a deep, saturated color not possible with clear glass and phosphor coatings; typically a soda-lime based glass. Clip—A predefi ned graphic image, such as a picture, drawing, symbol, etc., that can be imported and positioned on a background. Clip Art—Ready-made, royalty-free pieces of printed or computerized graphic art. Clogging—The result of dried ink molecules in an inkjet printhead. Although some clogging is typical with inkjet printers and is rectifi ed by following a cleaning procedure, prolonged or severe clogging may result in the printhead having to be replaced. Closed-Circuit Television—Traditionally, a private television network that is broadcasted internally within an organization. Modern narrowcasting solutions work over the Internet, deploying custom video and messaging anywhere in the world. CLUT (Color Look Up Table)—A digital color- processing tool for converting color from one color space or device to another, such as from RGB (scale, 0–255) to CMYK (0–100%). CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)—The four process colors used in most analog and digital printing systems. Black is called "K" because in process printing black is the key plate or keyline color. CNC (Computer Numeric Control)— Communications language used in some robotics and larger machine-controlled cutting devices such as computerized routers, industrial mills and lathes. Coat-Out—To paint the surface before the art is applied. Codec—A software module responsible for compressing and/or decompressing an encoded media format such as AVI digital video. Cold Cathode—The technical name for all forms of neon lighting. The term "cold cathode" is used to refer to 18mm to 25mm tubing operating at currents 60mA to 240mA. These gas discharge lamps also have electrodes that depend on a large emission surface area rather than high temperature for their operation. Color Calibration—Hardware and/or software that allows a color match to be made between multiple digital devices. Color Curve—Visual control used in photo- illustration and other graphics software to display color measurements and make tonal changes to an image. Color Gamut—The range and scope of colors that can be reproduced by a specifi c display or output or display device, or by a method of color representation (such as RGB or CMYK). To advertise in the Sign & Digital Graphics Marketplace, contact Diane Gilbert at (800) 669-0424, ext. 297 Fax: (303) 469-5730 Mid-June 2012 69 MARKETPLACE May 2012 ADA SIGNS ARCHITECTURAL SIGNS BANNERS (800) 669-0424 Use INFO # 353 Use INFO# 385 Use INFO# 352 BANNER FRAMES Use INFO# 328 BRAILLE SOFTWARE Use INFO# 392 ANNOUNCEMENT STANDS Use INFO# 302 BANNER STANDS Use INFO # 301 ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS SHOP ORBUS 24/7, 365 TRADE ONLY ONLINE STORE Use INFO# 315 CHANNEL LETTERS Use INFO# 336 Use INFO# 340 866.724.1273 Use INFO# 346 Use INFO# 361 SIGN & DIGITAL GRAPHICS 4/10/12 12:13 PM

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